Samsung HLP5063 Check Fan Message

To anybody who can help. I recently replaced the lamp on my TV . After also getting the grinding sound I have read so much about I tried to replace the color wheel but the new one was defective. When  I replaced the lamp the picture still worked just kept hearing the grindingsound.  So until I get the new color wheel I put the old one back in but I am now getting a Check Fan 1, 2, 3 with the 1 in red font. It will flash for a few minutes then eventually shut dow the TV. Anybody have this problem? Do I need to also replace the fan? Any help is much appreciated.


  1. Mike

    I have a Sansung H-LN467W. I had to replace the fan after having the TV only a couple of weeks, but then it was a floor model so that isn’t surprising. It has worked fine now for about three years and all of a sudden that same light on the front as you, Check Fan no. 1 2 3. It doesn’t allow you to change input and then shuts down after a few minutes. I took off the back cover where you change the lamp and that fan is working fine so not sure what the issue is. It only does it spuradically but is getting more often. I have a five year warranty but I am afraid that if the tech comes out and it doesn’t show that code while he is here then I get charged for a service call.
    Did you get your issue resolved?


  2. bob

    it is a small fan to the left of the bulb it will work intermittently, that is the warning soon it will not spin it can only currently be oiled from the rear side if label (round spec label) is removed then replace, this fan is not the same as a computer style senseor fan, i have tried it the tv works but the fan display will blink till it drives you nuts
    good luck

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