RCA – HD50LPW175 – new noise

Please help. I have an RCA 50″ Scenium that has been wonderful for the last 20 months. Beautiful picture and never any problems. After returning from a weekend away it began making a “buzzing” type noise (when on of course). I’ve looked all over the internet and called RCA to find what it might be. After reading this site and others I thought it might be the color wheel. Last night I opened the back and it was filthy. I carefully vacuumed as much dust as possible and used some canned air to dust what the vacuum could not get to – This is where it gets interesting. Now instead of a constant loud buzz, it is an intermittent loud buzz. There are no picutre or sound issues with programs. I have now begun to wonder if the buzz is coming from one of the 2 fans? Could it be as simple as cleaning the fans a bit better? Has anyone else had this issue? Thanks for any help, Greg


  1. Mike

    I also have a RCA 50″HD and experienced the same buzzing problem several months ago.
    I have not tried to clean anything yet but have noticed dust collecting on my tv over the year. I think your right about a fan or motor making the buzzing noise. Did you clean any more or get anymore info on what the noise is?
    Please let me know. Thanks

  2. Eric

    Same sound and have lost a bulb recently. I’m thinking it may be the same fan problem. It does sound like a fan going bad. What has anyone else found out?

  3. Ed

    I just ‘inherited’ the HD50LPW151, and the noise drives me crazy; although the wife and kids say they can tune it out. I don’t think it’s the colour wheel. When you turn off the set, and after the picture fades from blue to off, the fan is still spinning, and that’s what I hear. (the colour wheel makes more of a distinct whirling/whining sound that’s evident when firing up the set; but then it’s okay). I’m going to take a chance and try to change the fan. I’ve read on some sites it might be the bearings on the fan that are shot. I’m sure hoping it’s as simple as that, since I can watch this set for more than 30 minutes! Even for zero cost to me, I’m dumping this set if I can’t resolve the problem for under $200.

  4. lost for words

    hello, I have the HD50LPW175. After 6 months I had the same buzzing sound. I call rca and the send it to one of there service center and they change the color wheel. After receiving the set back the color was bad. After about 6 months It went out, I send it back and they changing the lamp it went out 2 months later. I would not advise anyone to by this TV… I have had this TV from feb, 2006 till now.

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