Trouble shooting my Samsung HLN437W DLP

Question! My picture and sound both went out at the same time on my Samsung HLN437W yesterday, plus I had the 3 blinking lights. I took out the lamp carrier and checked it out and put it back in and picture and sound came back on, but later did the same thing again. It has 16,437 hrs on the orig. bulb and before I order a new one Monday, is it just the bulb or is there more going on then the bulb. I not sure if the sound also goes out when the bulb does?


  1. Nate

    PCP Board that connects to the Ballast may have some short circuits

  2. Matt

    I have a 40″ samsung LCD. It is taking it along time to come on. It goes through several clicking sounds the red light will blink several times finally after 2 or 3 minutes it will cut on. Any suggestions whats wrong with it?? Its only about 1 1/2 year old.

  3. john

    i have the exact same problem with my 42 inch. Mine has a blue light on the front aND IT WILL JUST BLINK 3 TIMES AND THEN CLICK. eVENTUALLY IT COMES ON BUT IT IS A PAIN

  4. beth

    hi – i just replaced the bulb on my samsung dlp 46 inch – im not getting small white specks appearing on the screen in what look like busted pixels if it were an lcd. i took out the bulb and dusted in but that did not correct the problem. can anyone help??

  5. Maurice Seid

    This was a Great blog post, I will be sure to save this in my Diigo account. Have a great evening.

  6. Joe Vieira

    I have a Samsung HLN437W DLP with no sound. The picture is still sharp and clear. I can hear a clicking sound coming from the speaker but nothing else.
    At times the sound will come on after an hour or so.

    Before I spend money on trying to correct the problem can anyone help me locate the problem?

    1. Shelagh McNally

      Hi Joe,
      First check that the internal speakers are not turned off in the menu. Sounds like they are on if you are hearing clicking from them. This may be a Capacitor issue, which would explain the sound coming on after the TV has heated up. The solution would be another analog board or ballast wheel. But I’m not an expert so I suggest joining our forum where the experts hang out.

    2. Shelagh McNally

      Hi Joe,
      Check to see that the internal speakers are on from the menu. Sounds like they are since you are hearing sound from them. Loss of sound can be from a bad capacitors on the analog board. It may also be a problem with the ballast. Both can be replaced but you may need a TV technician. I’m not an expert but if you join the forum there is a community of experts there, including our moderator, who can help you out.

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