Flickering and very bright screen Samsung DLP HL-R5678W

I have a Samsung DLP HL-R5678W,  when i turn on the TV the screen flickers (white flashes) and after about a minute the screen gragually turns very very bright (almost white) from the bottom of the screen to the top. I spoke to a tech, he said that it was the DMD board, which is very expensive $900-$1000. 

Can anyone confirm this diagnosis or can I fix this with a simple lamp replacement?



  1. davewex

    Did you ever identify the faulty part? my HL-R5678w is doing something similar with flickers (white flashes) and after a while the screen changes to red or green gradually from the bottom of the screen to the top, then it eventually appears black and white. I changed the color wheel and the bulb, but the problem remains. A $1700 tv should not require $900+ in repairs when it’s just over 2 years old 🙁

  2. davewex

    davewex back for an update 12/27/08.
    I had it diagnosed and was told that it was the digital board….$550 plus labor…I can buy the brand new Samsung equivalent DLP for $900 now!! Not very acceptable after such a short life, in my opinion. I called the Samsung Executive Care number (800-522-7341) as recommended on a couple forums and today I have my tv back in action again and I only had to pay the $90 labor charge, not bad considering the age. This was a great choice by Samsung to backup their name by extending the warranty for parts for me…they have gained a customer for life. 🙂

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