Help, distorted picture Samsung HLR6768W

I have a question and I don’t see a place to log it so I’m hopeful this is the correct area.  I have a Samsung HLR6768W which we had no problems with.  We moved to a new home but I had it professionally palleted for the move because I know they are delicate.  We got it home and put it on the new tv stand, let it set for a day or two before Directv was to come up and install the HDTV DVR, they cut it on, its fine, we watch the crappy little ‘how to use your directv’ film as if its rocket science, sweet picture and everything.  About 3 hours later (mind you the tv was on during this whole time) the directv guy finally leaves, I go upstairs to get something, come back down cut it on and now I have a crazy picture, distorted heads, I mean WHOA like take up the whole screen with just the head.  When commercials come on I get widescreen type images but instead of the black bars being at the top and bottom its on the sides.  I called for service because after checking that maybe somehow we had it stuck on an unknown zoom function or something we thought we’d better have service come out.  I’ve been trying to search online to see if there has been anyone with a similar problem or any suggestions.  The closest I could find is someone indicating something slightly similar when they were moving and that it turned out to be the video card had been knocked loose and it was having problems synchronizing.  Any thoughts, luckily I’m still 16 days within warranty but still I would like to have any thoughts you may have.

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