Potential Samsung LED lamp replacement for early DLP lamp models

With Samsung perfecting their new LED DLP lamp technology, I’m curious if the’ve given some thought (if it’s even possible) to offer those of us who own their lamp based DLP’s a better (4x longer life) replacement light source. 



  1. It looks like Samsung is having a lot of issues with their LED Based DLP TVs…The light output and quality of the picture is not up to par with that of the Samsung based based DLPs. Plans were to completely abandon lamp based DLPs by Samsung, but that has changed! Samsung will continue to develop the LED based technology as well as sell the more popular (and actually more reliable) lamp based TVs.

    Our recommendation: Stick with the lamp based units. Samsung has really worked out the kinks on their DMD boards…and their color wheels should not be good for 5-7 years at least…lamp life is about 7,000 hours which is about every 3 years or so.

    The LED TVs are an unknown right now, and just as is the case with all new technologies, there’s going to be technological issues that will take time to discover.

  2. robert ettinger

    Samsung DLP units which periodically shut down and have to be restarted are not necessarily the fault of the bulb. Often the vent on the rear of the unit gets coated with dust causing the picture quality to become poorer and the unit will also shut down. To solve this problem vacuum the rear screen gor about 2-3 minutes and a marked improvement should occur. Do this at least every 6 months…..

  3. lferguson

    With Samsung LED lamps rated to get 20,000 hours, I wouldn’t imagine that there would be an issue with them going out. It may just be that since LED lamps don’t have to get as hot as UMP lamps that there aren’t the issues that people have traditionally with lamp life getting cut drastically short.

  4. dave

    I have a 42 inch dlp and it wont power up.

    3 blinking lights

    1- green lamp
    1 green timer
    1 red temp

    any answers as what to do

  5. art

    i have exact same problem as Dave above, 42 inch DLP, won’t power up, audio only, goes back off, three blinking lights. In the past, it only took unplugging and replugging but that’s not helping this time.

    1. It’s most likely your lamp. You should take it out of the TV and give it a look over. It’s easy to tell if it’s busted or not. If it is broken Discount-Merchant.com sells DLP lamps at reasonable rates.

  6. Scott

    Samsung DLP actually have to be updated with new firmware to prevent this shutdown. But it is not a bad idea to dust, but that has nothing to do with the picture or power source

  7. chris

    I do have a LED DLP HL-T5687sa, I lost the color red and the TV is only 1 year 3 months old. Anybody know what the problem might be?

    1. Chris,
      In an LED DLP TV there are 3 main pixel chips, RGB, red green and blue. So most likely since you lost your red coloring your red pixel chip is probably out or defective.

    2. tom

      i now have the same problem no red on my 56 inch dlp led 2 years old how did you fix yours thank nyou tom h.

  8. Chance Stevens

    Don’t expect Samsung to try to make things easier. They sell televisions, and worst comes to worst they’d just offer an “upgrade” credit for people looking to upgrade to an LED tv. With their new LED HDTVs costing $2000+, it would probably be easier to just stay with what you have.

  9. TroyC

    My Samsung HL S5679W LED light source went out after only 3 years or maybe 4,000 hours. This is our media room TV and it is only used on weekends or maybe an hour a day average! Don’t get suckered into extended light source life like I did! Don’t buy a Samsung LED TV!!!!! Their “Executive customer service rep said sorry sir it’s out of warranty… Bad move Samsung…I’m spending all day today blogging about how crappy your TVs and service are!

  10. TonyG

    I have the exact problem as Chris, no more red; went out suddenly at 1yr, 4mo. Your response says it’s most likely a red pixel chip that’s out or defective. How does one fix this? Can it be ordered (if so where) and replaced or does it need to go to a shop?

    1. WJB0519

      I have the same problem with my 5087. Is the red pixel chip integrated into the LED engine or can it be replaced separately?

  11. steve

    My LED bulb out @ 1yr 4mo. New one $800 Doesn’t seem right

  12. Steve

    What’s your question? I replaced my color wheel on my DLP466w Samsung and the red and blue colors were reversed. So after looking at some of the postings on Jangro I removed the jumper and pushed mute-1-8-2-power; instantly my colors corrected themselves and there was a red bar at bottom of the screen, my picture looked great, and I watched the TV for a couple hours; all was well. Next I shut off the TV and when I turned it back on the green lamp flashes and after a minute the TV starts to cycle off and back on, but no picture comes on. Then the TV goes off and The red stand-by light and the two green Timer/Lamp lights all flash.

    Please Help I have been working on the TV for several days.


    1. art aguilar

      how long did it take for you to replace the red LED? did you get an estimate prior to taking on this project? Finally, were you given an estimate on the extended life after you replaced this light. I have the same issue and received an estimate for about 600 and am wondering if it is worth that price or get a new TV. Thanks

      1. Manny

        The RED LED costs about $119 + shipping. It is available from http://www.samsungparts.com.
        The part you need is probably this one, but check to make sure: http://www.samsungparts.com/Products/Parts_and_Accessories/PID-BP07-00029A.aspx?model=HL61A750A1FXZA. This part works for the following Samsung DLP LED tvs :HL61A750A1F, HL67A750A1F, HLT5087S, HLT5687S, HLT6187S. One note, these LEDs have enormous heat sinks and must generate a lot of heat, so use the right amount (rice grain or BB sized) of thermal grease of good quality to make sure that heat is dissipated. Clean the fins on the heat sinks while your in there on all three LED chips. Check online for cleaning instructions for your heat sink as you will want to remove the old compound thoroughly before applying the new material. I will be trying this repair shortly and will post on its success/failure. It looks fairly straightforward on the Youtube videos (there are two of them) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v1C6VhQiWU8 and http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8YRcOLxwV3Q&feature=related. Good luck!

        1. Jeff benson


          What kind of thermal grease do u use?


  13. Tiah Curd

    My SDLP Samsung HL T618 picture will not come on. All lights blink and then turns off and back on again until I unplug. Lamp doesn’t look busted what gives

    1. Shelagh McNally

      Hi Tiah,
      It could be any number of things wrong. I suggest visiting our forum where there are experts who can help you narrow down whether it’s your colour wheel, projector lamp or DMD chip. The forum can be reached at http://www.fixyourdlp.com/forum/. I’ll ask the forum admin to keep an eye for you to fast track your request.

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