Samsung DLP Keeps Turning Off?

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Anywhere fron 30 minutes to a few hours later. It just turns off without warning. I called a local repair guy and he said to replace the bulb. Does this sound right? I have the HSL 6187. Any thoughts would be appreciated.


  1. Definitely sounds like a bulb. Pick one up at! They’re great!

  2. ruben

    I had the same problem with my samsung dlp it would go off without warning all I did was move it furthur away from the wall and I guess it gave it more ventilation. It has not done it since. Hope this helps

  3. Eddie

    Wow, that’s certainly cheaper than spending 109 bucks for a new lamp! 😉 Ventilation is definitely a big problem for any kind of electronic device that sucks up so much energy. Good to know that there are simple fixes for some of these problems. Thanks Ruben!

  4. Ian

    I had the same problem with my Samsung HL-R5662W. As mentioned in the owner’s instructions I unplugged the TV for a few min then plugged it back in. This seems to have solved the problem. Hope this helps.

  5. Jim

    Remove your lamp engine and clean the big cooling fan. The light has a temp sensor and will shut down the TV if it gets above a certain temp.

  6. Ed

    I have the same problem with my Samsung HLS 5086 DLP set. I just started surfing and it appears to be a common problem.

  7. Trevor

    I had the same problem with my HLR5064W (canadian version of 5063) and I ordered a bulb from discount merchant, and the problem was solved immediately, and just in time for the NHL PLayoffs!! I forgot how bright the thing was when I first got it. I recommend them, shipping took a little long (2 weeks), but that is more of a Canada/US customs thing, not them. My only recommendation if you in a bind and live in Canada is pay extra for faster shipping instead of USPS.

  8. roberta

    I have a samsung HLP 4663 that keeps going off and then sometimes comes back on a few minutes later.Maybe the bulb is hot and no ventilation and when it colls down comes back on.
    Actually now i have no picture at all .
    I will try the cleaning etc before buying new bulb .ty

  9. Scott

    New bulb, tried re-set, still going off within a few seconds of turning on…any ideas?


  10. Steve

    Samsung DLP’s are notorious for color wheel probs that can cause this as well. Consider yourself very lucky if yours gives out within the warranty year, most last for about 18 months. Then you are looking at a few hundred in repairs.

  11. Will

    I have the same problem, I have a 42″ Samsung (hlr4264w), that is turning off after 20-30 min of use. I can turn it back on, and get another 15 min before it goes out again, turn it on get another 10 min, down to 5 etc. This to me seems like a heating issuse. I had tried moving it out furthar from the wall… it now sits a good 2 – 3 feet from the wall… It used to work about 7 inches from the wall no prob.

    I had replaced the bulb around Xmas so I don’t think its the bulb.

    I have heard of turning off the heating sensor, but that sound s to risky. I have also heard that it could be the fan? I am lost and unable to enjoy my HD!

    please help! I am considering buying another bulb, but don’t want to spen 100+ on something I don’t think will help!

  12. John

    I have the same problem with my samsung DLP turning off. If it melodies off it is the digital board. If it does not than it is the engine. Got that info straight from repair man.

  13. Gary

    I have the same problem with my Samsung DLP. The first time it happened the set was under warrenty and so the repair man came out and replaced the bulb and basset. This seemed to fix the problem for a while, but around six months later it started to happen again.
    I strongly believe it is the cooling system on the sets that are too weak. I believe this because both times that my set was turning off I would feel the back vent and the temperature would be extremely high. So to help the TV cool off I placed a small portable room fan behind the TV’s vent to help pull the hot air out and away from the TV’s vent while it is turned on. Since doing this I haven’t had any problems with the TV turning off. Sometimes when I forget to turn the fan on the TV will shut off. Give it a try.
    Another thing I did was entered the service menu and turned down the wattage the TV uses to help it not run so hot, and to save on the energy bills.

  14. Don

    Had the same problem with mine, repairman came out 3 times and was about to call it dead and replace it… when it sparked and went off..cold solder on the board. he came back two weekd later and said his shop fixed 3 more withthe same problem.

  15. Diane

    Our Samsung Model HL-P5674W has done same thing with turning off, twice before. Last time we replaced bulb; another time we replaced ballast. This time (extended warranty is gone now) repair guy charged me $90 and said it was “the computer.” I asked him what the computer does, and he said, “it has the mirrors.” He’s estimating $500 plus labor to fix, close to $800. Does this guy have any idea what he’s talking about or should we try the fan trick?

  16. Vinny

    I have a Samsung 56″ TV (HLP5674W) which is about 3 years old. It used to just turn itself off and then come back on about 15 minutes later. I thought it was a bad fan but the repairmen ($130) came and said it was working but he would have to take the TV to the Shop and start replacing parts to find the problem. No thanks.

    The TV now does not turn on until it goes thru about 7 start cycles, with the melody sound. Any ideas? What is the cost of a digital board?

  17. Eddie

    I read this posts here and turned on my ceiling fan–voila! Fixed…it has to do with cooling…thanks all

  18. Dave

    Just replaced the bulb in my HLP5063. It just started shutting down. The 3 led lights blinked in the front of the set and the manual indicated to change the bulb. Found DM which lead me to here. Simple to do. Just need another body to move the set. This site also led me to finding out how to view and re-set the lamp meter. Great stuff. Had 13,262 hours on the orginal bulb (small one). Anyway we are up and running again. Thanks for all the info.

  19. Kris

    Connecting the SAT dish through the Receiver with a DVI/HDMI combination to the DLP HLR 6174W error code from TV – “HDMI not supported” HelpBUT the TV has a HDMI input. HELP

  20. Greg Sellers

    Thanks for all your questions, and responces! I will ry to add a cooling fan to the back of the set!

  21. Tom

    I have a Samsung 61″ 1080p DLP TV. I purchased it from Best Buy. Less than 3 months later it started turning its self off. Best Buy came out and picked it up to take it to theit repair shop. When they returned it it did the same thing the very next day. While the delivery people where there they stole a box of my personal checks and started cashing checks in another state causing unbelivable problems with our bank. Thousands of dollers later, Best Buy brought out a new TV to trade for my broken one. Everything good, except my credit and now the new TV is doing the same thing.

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  25. Crebbles

    I had the exact same problem with my TV turning off for no reason. If the lamp and temp lights are blinking in the front it means your TV thinks the lamp door is open and shuts down. In my case i had to open the door and adjust the spring lever because it was not making good enough contact.

  26. Dunroamin

    For several months, we experienced the screeching noise that is associated with the color wheel. This item was purchased and installed approx 3 weeks ago. I also ordered a lamp as my picture was dim. After gathering all available information, I then replaced the color wheel and the lamp. The tv came on just fine with the exception of the colors being reversed due to replacement of the color wheel. After more research, it was determined that jumper CN810 needed to be removed. To locate this jumper was quite difficult, however, after removing the heatsink fan and spring clip, I found the jumper and removed it. The tv powered on and did just fine for 2 days. While watching it, it simply powered down and all lights on the front began flashing.
    spoke with Samsung once more and was then told it was possible it could be the ballast. So, a ballast was ordered. This latest part was installed and I attempted to turn on the tv again. This time, only the lamp light flashed while the tv tried to power on. The color wheel spins up (it can be heard), the ballast clicks and then the tv shuts back down. I then called once more and spoke with another tech, but no new suggestions were given except to have a service tech come out and try to repair it.
    After reading some of these posts, it sure seems like either my new lamp is bad, or I need a different fan??? Any help would sure be appreciated – I am extremely reluctant to sink any more money into this TV without having a clear idea of what needs to be done.

  27. mike

    hi i have just read this page and cant w8 to get m 50″ up and runing again.

    this is a sony just replaced the bulb and started to turn of and then turn on agen after about 45secends i have a faling this is the fan broken as canot hear the fan enymore cant w8 to get this up and runing and trow the 21″ back in the loft thanks every one

  28. jj

    We are on our second bulb in our 50″ RCA. We replaced the orginal bulb after 17 months. The second bulb lasted 3 days. Got it from an ebay supplier and the jerk won’t replace it because we did not save the origianl box. Worst tv we ever owned.
    RCA, you suck!

  29. Will the samsung dpl flash lamp light and shut down if the color wheel is messed up? It has been whining. It keeps trying to starting, shutting down, restarting and lights flash. I did open the back and reinserted a new lamp and it did the same thing. I noticed in above post that the tv may think the service drawer is not on all the way. Help.

  30. Gene

    Was watching my 46″ DLP model HL-4676S It started with increasing amoungt of static and then went off. All three light on the front were blinking. Replaced the bulb, same thing. Anyone had this happen? What fixed it. TV is two years and one month old. No more DLP for me

  31. Gene

    You know what cracks me up? I look at all these shut down problems and think that Samsung would know about this. I called them and they act like I am the only person on the planet that has a TV that shuts itself down. I have had several Samsung products with no problem. This is a problem that Samsung is ignoring. You can’t tell me that after reading all these blogs, that they are unaware. Dumb like a fox

  32. Gene

    Joy, Joy. Today I went to radio shack and purchased a 115 volt fan. I used tie wraps to secure it to the back of my TV. Problem solved. There are two fans built in. One that cools the lamp, and one that cools the power pack. the small fan is just not big enough keep it cool. I have a remote swith (as seen on TV) Pluged into a power strip to operate the fan. Four hours of operatiin later, it is working.
    The downside is a barely audible fan noise. From now on I will install an aux. fan from the get go. Heat has always been a problem in electronices. The fan is a cheap and easy fix, in my opinion. Samsung needs to own up to the porblem and fixe it.

  33. Saad rahmouni

    We have a DLP Samsung model Code is HLP 6163wx/xaa. The Tv just turns off for no reason and when it tries to turn back on in makes a fan sound. we unplugged it and then it turned on but now we get an alert that says. DVI ALERT your HDTV does not support HDCP please use the YPrPb component connection to watch TV. Not sure what to do now can anyone help please?

  34. ace

    I looked on the Samsung web site, and it suggested removing and reinserting the lamp COVER, not the lamp itself. This resets an internal switch, and has totally resolved the issue.

  35. DLP Heaven

    I had the same problem with my 56″ DLP cutting Off on its own, with the “melody” and blinking lights in front. Turns out that you just need to reseat the “Lamp Housing” door on the back of the TV. Very simple just take it off and put it back on. There is a door sensor switch that was not properly set in the factory. Samsungs website has instructions and pictures. The hardest part was turning the TV around to get to the back. I reset the door about three weeks ago and it hasn’t cut off since. It used to cut off 2 -3 times an hour. Couldn’t play Madden or watch a movie through the Xbox without it going off. Hope this helps!!!!!!! 🙂

  36. Gene

    Well the fan solution was short lived, four days. It is back to doing the same thing. Today I bought a Sony LCD. Samsung ignored 22 email messages. I think now, complaint email goes into a junk mail file. Over 1300 dollars for junk. Samsung has a serious overheating problem and care nothing about you being stuck with their junk.

  37. Mike

    Hello, I replaced my color wheel like you and two days later I get the black screen and three blinking lights….I changed my bulb and that did not change anything. Did you find a fix?


  38. alfredo

    diane, do a search at avsforums, one thing i can tell you for sure, it is not the dlp chip (mirrors). if it’s shutting down, take off the little door in the back and check for dust on the fans, you might need to take out the light engine, pretty easy, but before doing that, make sure there’s enough ventilation and just take off the little door and put it in again, it has a small sensor that will turn off the tv if it is not making sufficient contact. And tell that guy to get certified in tv’s or something. I’m not even a tv tech and i already replaced my color wheel and light tunnel just by reading tutorials in forums.

  39. greg

    How do you do that? is there a diagram or something online that I can use. I have the same problem, but my indicators are saying that the tv is overheating. I figured the fan was just dirty and as a stop gap measure I placed my room fan next to the tv and the problem stoped. i went and got some compressed air to clear the fan but realized i have no idea where it is or how to access it. Help!



  40. David H

    Bought our Samsung HLP5063W with HP’s DLP Feb ’06 with extended warranty (thank God!!). It was the best looking picture in Best Buy’s store of all LCD/plasmas! They replaced projector bulb Feb ’08, and now Feb ’09 they’re coming again probably replacing bulb. As last year, tv cuts off after 1st turning on, then it’s on/off/repeat until stays on but it’s taking longer. Temp/standby light stays on as it cuts off (not 3 flashing light messages as bad bulb is supposed to cause). Tried unplugging for 30 seconds, and can also hear a fan blowing inside when tv muted, per owner manual troubleshooting. Am considering extending the extended warranty, but because of the problems I’m reading here and have experienced, may just dump this thing and get a typical flat LCD/plasma and forget the DLP quality picture. Thanks to you all for publishing info here!

  41. dan

    my samsung 50 inch dlp would not turn on ,so i vacuumed the back of the tv and pulled the door off and then replaced. the picture was also green/pink. tv was fine after doing this.keep the back dust free.

  42. Steven A.

    Funny, before seeing your post being a former tv technician from the years of the CRT days. I first took out the lamp housing just to get the numbers off of the DLP to purchase another bulb. When I turned on my unit the problem went away and has not occurred in about 2 months. But as a technician I know that most problems start as intermitent but gradually get worst til a total failure takes place. I am keeping an eye on the next problem that will occur.

  43. john

    remove container holding bulb. then check for heat sensor and check if dust or other stuff on it. give it a clean and put bulb unit back in. should fix problem did for me.

  44. john

    take out bulb unit and clean heat sensor if dirty worked for me

  45. Steve

    Samsung 4266w turns off with chimes after 5 minutes. It starts right up and has a great picture when it plays. I changed the bulb and color wheel, checked the fans and bulb door switch. Hate to put any more money into it also hate to chuck it as it cost $1300 two years ago. Any thoughts would be appriciated……Steve

  46. Marty

    I have a 43″ Samsung DLP (Model HLN437WX/XAA)that needs both analog and digital boards. It has a brand new color wheel. I’m looking to get rid of it — set w/o color wheel = free; with color wheel = $50. Maybe someone more patient than I can make it work. Located in central New Hampshire.

  47. Stephanie Millward

    Our color wheel went and we ordered one from a discount merchant for $126 and repair it ourselves, found some great step by step directions on utube. Saved a ton and works great!!

  48. dlp king hehe

    DLP went on the frits 3 days ago!!
    tried to turn the unit on it started up then turned its self off its blinking all 3 led,s in the front but the lamp and fans are working fine but yet it still is turning off about a minute after turning the unit on. also the picture is fine well other then the normal diming anyways so i dont beleave its the coler wheel. anyone have any ideas before i start spending money on things i dont need.

  49. Will

    I have a Samsung 6187 about a month ago it starting shutting off by itself. My warranty expired and being an out of work electronic tech calling another tech to look at my set wasnt an option. After about 30 minutes of checking all my menu settings, thinking someone may have changed it to auto shut off. I decided to slide it from the wall. First thing I noticed were dust balls on the floor. When I inspected the back of the set all the vents were clogged with dust. So I unplugged my set got my trusty can of compressed air and went to town. Well its been about three weeks now and it hasnt shut off once. Make sure when you use the air power is unpluged and blow off the inside as well, you dont have to dis assemble anything to do this. PEACE!!!

  50. Jennifer

    I have a 50″ Samsung DLP purchased 3 years ago on 3-25-06. It just started shutting off. At first it is very intermittent–so much so that I thought my kids were playing with the remote and lying to me about it!–but now it won’t stay on for 5 minutes and the bulb has been replaced. It was $2700 new at the time (now about $1300, BUT STILL!) and for that much money I would not expect this to happen in less than three years. I bought a Samsung VCR, a Samsung cell phone, microwave…all because I loved this tv so much. If I had known that they want $900 to fix a fairly new tv that cost $2700 new, I would never have bought it! I have a 21 year old Sony tube tv that I’ve had since high school and it works great. What a rip off.

    Screw you, Samsung!



  52. Jane

    I have a 3 year old 50″ Samsung DLP purchased for $2300 which is in excellent condition, only operated by adults but I’m experiencing the same problem of the tv going off. I’m interested in selling for $1000 to get a bigger size. I haven’t tried any of the suggestions yet because I’m just reading about all the wonderful solutions and success, but I will. Any takers?