Samsung DLP Problems

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It’s important that you install an OEM lamp and avoid a generic, compatible lamp.

I purchased a Samsung DLP HLR5678WX in April of ’06. About a year later the TV failed to operate and the indicator lights on the front of the tv indicated that the lamp was bad. Luckily I had purchased the extended warranty and only had to wait 5 weeks for my new lamp to arrive, yes I said 5 weeks. I replaced the lamp and the the TV worked great for 2 weeks and then blinking lights on the front of the TV indicating, yet again, a bad lamp. Only waited 3 weeks this time for a new lamp, I complained a little about the first wait. Replaced the lamp for the third time and it worked great for a couple of more weeks and then indicator lights again! I then went in and took a look around and removed the bulb and re-inserted it and the TV worked! It continued to work for a couple of days, indicator lights again. Removed the lamp re-inserted the lamp tightened the screw, the set works. This worked for a couple of months but the last time I tried this it didn’t work. I then called Samsung and arranged for a certified tech to come and check out my set, after all you shouldn’t have to get out a screwdriver everytime you want to watch tv right? The tech showed up and said that he thought it was the ballast so he replaced the ballast and the tv worked great for 3 days but then the same problem.

I am now begining to think that I have 2 spare bulbs and an extra ballast (yes I saved them) and that the problem lies somewhere else. Possibly the switch for the lamp cover?  All connectors on the back seem to be in place. Is there a way to test the switch to see if that’s the problem? Any other ideas? Thanks in advance.


  1. Ironkerrtain

    I have read that several Samsungs have an issue where if the bulb gets too hot, the plastic on the back of the TV actually expands and causes the rear lamp door to be loose which may trigger the safety switch that turns off the TV if it detects the lamp door is open. That may be why when you remove the bulb and replace it and re-tighten the screw on the door your TV works.

  2. jerry

    Sounds like it could be the color wheel…the ballast will not start the lamp if the colorwheel has failed. You could be jaring a stuck color wheel enough to free it up when you are messing with the lamp.

  3. That sure is a strange problem. The color wheel theory may be valid, but he’d have to have some funky picture or screeching noise, or any kind of winding noise if the color wheel was bad.

    I’ve not heard that the plastic expands because the TV gets really hot, but anything is possible I suppose. The easy fix for that is to tape that door sensor shut. This is good practice just to check if the lamp is coming on while the back cover is open.

  4. Peter

    I have the exact same problem with a HLR-6178. After replacing what I thought was a bad bulb, the new one worked for a couple months but now I have to remove and re-insert the bulb to get the set to work. It will work fine until the set is turned off, then it will not come back on until you remove and re-insert the lamp again. Very frustrating and no extended warranty. If anyone has a clue as to what the cause or solution is to this problem, I’d love to hear about it.

  5. Steve V

    I have a Samsung 50″ DLP HDTV – Purchased from Ultimate Electronics 10/2003 – What a pile of crap this TV is. Within a few months the color wheel started whining, then 3 flashing lights on the front panel. Could only be reset by unpluging. Warranty tech said the color engine and “main frame” had to be replaced. 3 weeks down time.

    failure #2 9/2004 same problem as above. Tech didn’t even bother to come out, said it sounds like the same problem as the first time, ordered the same parts. Only took two months to get it repaired WooHoo!

    failure #3 9/2006 – intermittent probelm: without warning the picture would “bounce” or “jump” then the TV would fail. 3 flashing lights again. Now Warrantec was handling the warranty. TV picked up 9/11/06, returned 12/6/06 just a week shy of 3 months this time!! Repair co, stated they recommened replacing the TV called it a Lemon. but warrantec rejected that (of course), replaced analog board and few other things.

    Failure #4 worked fine up until last week Aug 1st 2008. Picture distorts and jumps without much warning, alomost like last failure #3, has a slight cropping of the picture at lower left side of screen. Fails 3 flashing lights again. Scheduled for pick up tomorrow.

    Warranty runs out in Oct. 2008 just over two months from now, probably before I get the TV back again.

    Been down for repairs/in the shop for nearly 6 months within the last 5 years. I’m sure I have little to no recourse with Samsung, but I’ll write a letter to them anyway.

    Next one won’t be a DLP, or anything by Samsung. I have LCD’s and Plasmas in other rooms, albeit not 5 years old, but in 2 and 3 years of use, not one issue what so ever.

    Anyone else having simular problem with DLP’s? They are garbage as far as I’m concerned. But in 03′ the prices for 50″ plasma or LCD were quite bit more that the DLP.

    Anyway, this is one worn out warranty. They’ll be glad when Oct passes.

  6. Charles

    My 50″ DLP Samsung, is making a load screeching sound. Any thought on what it is and is it worth fixing?

  7. craig

    my samsung dlp (hnl)screen went upside down when i changed channels, i turned off the cale box and the menu was still inverted. Help any one

  8. brian

    got a 50″dlp and 3 lights turn on and loud noise… think its the color wheel but.. not sure gonna get one soon and hopefully it’ll work!

  9. bill

    I have a samsung dlp tv model hl-s4676s, it has developed little white dots all over the screen. I have already cleaned the mirrors, screen, and lamp but it didn’t help. what could it be?

  10. maryann

    changed bulb all indicator lights are on nothing is blinking tv won’t go on. any ideas?

  11. We have a Samsung HLR5067W that is 2 1/2 years old. The picture started bouncing/flickering periodically. Occasionally get a “No or weak signal” error. Comcast has checked the signal and providetd a new HD box. The lamp popped so we just installed a new lamp. The problem is still there but now the picture actually goes black for a few seconds. We have no flashing lights on the front.

    Any suggestions?


  12. We have a Samsung HLR5067W that is 2 1/2 years old. The picture started bouncing/flickering periodically. Occasionally get a “No or weak signal” error. Comcast has checked the signal and providetd a new HD box. The lamp popped so we just installed a new lamp. The problem is still there but now the picture actually goes black for a few seconds. We have no flashing lights on the front.

    Any suggestions?


  13. Gmfeld

    I have the same problem with my Samsung DLP making screeching noise when it starts up. Did you get a solution?

  14. Fasahat Khan

    Hi: We have a Samsung DLP (56″) that we bought in 2005. It worked great so far. Today, we hear loud buzzing noise and colors distorting on the screen. Can any one guess if it is a color wgeel issue or the lamp. Thanks!

  15. Todd

    I have a Samsung dlp 46″ TV. The light bulb is on and I get no picture. Seems very bright. When I look at the button on the TV in front all that it says is timer flashes along with lamp flashes and then after a while the TV shuts itself off. Would this be the bulb? The color wheel is spinning.

  16. steven

    i have a samsung dlp tv hls4676s that it comes on for about 4 minutes then shuts off,but when it does come on there is not functions on the remote or the front panel,neither audio or video and the light is very dim. does anyone know what the problem could be, i replace the lamp and the ballast board and nothing happened.
    thanks for any help.

  17. Marc Repp

    I was just watching and there was a loud POP and the screen went black. Unplugged the set and let it set for an hour. Fired it back up and everything looked as if it was going to be okay…but the screen never came back up. I’m guessing the lamp. Anybody else have an idea?

  18. scott


    I have a samsung 56 inch dlp tv that is doing the same exact thing your tv is doing. I have little white dots all over the screen. They kind of look like little stars all over the screen. Have you figured out what the problem is? I was told it may be the light engine.


  19. scott

    I have a Samsung 56″ Dlp tv model # HLS5686W. The tv has little white dots all over the screen. It started about 2 weeks ago with about 5 dots and now there are over 20 dots all over the screen. They almost look little little stars and some of them are blinking. Has anyone else had this problem? I was told it may be the light engine. Any suggestions would be great!!



  20. Todd

    I have the same problem, please let me know if you get anything. i will be watching….

  21. shaggy

    Try unplugging it for about 30 seconds. You will hear the fan shut off, then try plugging it back in and it should work. This was one of the first problems I had with this TV. Now I have a flashing led problem indicating that the bulb is burned out. I only had this thing for 2 years and 1 month brand new.

  22. jerry

    i have a 43″dlp bought 2004 new bulb 2 years ago. screen went dark last week put in new bulb screen still dark new bulb is lit. all fans are working color wheel is spinning. anyone who can give me any suggestions? thanks jerry

  23. Serrill

    I have a 50″ DLP. All of the video inputs except the HDMI and component are displaying grid lines in the picture. Does anyone know the cause of this problem? It seems all of the high def. inputs are ok.

  24. Joe

    I have a 56″ DLP the picture freezes up for a few seconds and then the screen goes black and the picture comes back on after a few more seconds like it restarted. The funny thing is that I don’t loose audio. Changed the satilite box and still the same. Anything?

  25. Dave

    I guess I am the lucky one here. I have 3 Samsung DLPs. HLN567, HLN4356 and one 61 LED DLP. No issues with any of them. The lamp in my oldest HLN567 which just under 5 years old (Bought it boxing week in 2003) finially gave up the ghost. Bought a new bulb, installed it and checked the lamp timer. 7838 hours on the bulb. Good enough for me. My smaller 43″ currently has 6647 hours on the original bulb, and is still as brite as anything. The newest, 61 LED DLP has a fantastic picture, and have had no issues with it in 2 years of use.
    Judging from all the negative comments I have read, I guess I am the only one with nothing buy praise for Samsung. Wish I could say the same for Sony with their horrible SXRD units that were 1 issue after another.

  26. scott


    I contacted Samsung and they sent a tech to come look at my tv. The tech looked at the tv and said it was the dlp chip. I contacted samsung since i didnt purchase an extended warranty and they payed for the labor and the part. Here is the number you may want to contact (800) 522-7341. They were very kind and helpful. They wanted me to pay for the labor and they said they would take care of the part. I told them this was a known issue and they decided to take care of all of the labor and parts. I only had to pay $60 for someone to tell me what the problem was. I was very pleased with Samsungs customer service and hopefully you will too. My tv has a great picture now!!

  27. jun

    i have a 46 inch samsung dlpmodel hl-s4676s. I just change the lamp and now its saying check fan #2. Any idea where fan #2 is and how to fix it

  28. Blake

    Scoot and Todd,
    My DLP is doing the same thing. Did both of you get this issue resolved? I just cannot believe that I bought this tv a little under 2 years ago and it is screwed.

  29. Bill Rischan

    did you figure out the problem … I have been told to wait 4 weeks for a tech. I have exactly the same problem

  30. David

    I am having the same problem although my component inputs are not working as well. Have you found out a solution?

  31. ram8247

    I had the same problem until the controler board was replaced. The problem went away.

  32. Jon

    I also have the flickering dots, and they seem to be growing.
    Any info would be helpful.

  33. Anthony

    We bought a Samsung DLP as well – a year to the day we bought the tv- the bulb went out – luckily it was under warranty – they replaced the bulb – however 6 months later – guess what – the bulb is out again… no warranty – Samsung does not care – they said – well you got to buy another bulb – well guess what – every 6 months spending 200 dollars! NO THANKS – Samsung SUCKS!! My dad also purchased one & he is even having issues – they are no good –

  34. Franco

    Ive had a 53″ Samsung DLP since around 2003. Its been very good except that it turns off when it feels like it. Its been doing this almost since the beginning but where it was once and a while now its very frequent. Any suggestions?

  35. Ivan

    I am also experiencing the white dots phenomenom on my 46 DLP. I tried turning it off as someone here suggested. Didn’t work. Are there anymore suggestions that i can try?

  36. Ray

    Joe, I have the 50″ DLP, about 3 yrs old and I’m having the same problem. The picture freezes for about 5 seconds but the sound continues. Then the picture goes black for about 5 seconds and then it comes back, looking fine, like I had just turned it on. This is happening about every 10 minutes. At first I blamed the settop box and got a new one. Funny thing — no problems for two weeks and then it started again. We’ve seen it happen once while playing a DVD.

  37. Jeff C

    My 5 year old Samsung 50″ has the same screeching problem. I didn’t find any replies… did you get it fixed?

  38. Roger_89sho

    I have a Samsung HL-R5067 purchased in 2005. I experienced a couple of power outages and last year and since that time tv does not turn on immediately when power button is pushed. I unplug the TV press the power button, unplug… for a few cycles and finally the TV comes on. The TV functions fine after finally coming on while left on the component source.

  39. Roger_89sho

    When I switch to antenna or another source, the TV operates fine for a while and then the pictures freezes up, the screen goes blank with no sound, it sometimes will come on or will just shut off.

    Getting back to my previous post which appears to be the start of my problems, I know these TV’s have bulbs that require a cool down period before shutting down completely. Since power outages don’t allow this process I would expect the bulb to burn but the bulb seems to be fine since when the power button is pushed I do notice illumination in the rear of the TV even though the image and sound do not function properly while at the same time the TV does not respond to commands from the remote. I strongly recommend an APS or other battery back up power supply to allow the TV to be shut down properly.

    I am in the Pittsburgh area and the nearest Samsung servicer does not service my area so I have to find a way to transport my TV 40 minutes or buy another TV.

    Any help is greatly appreciated.

  40. rich

    I have a Samsung HL-R4266W . The picture seems to have a clarity issue. Everything is connected well and I double chcked all connections to my directv hd receiver. The picture is best when i put contrast to 0 and brightness to around 60. But, there are splotches of color that would move smaller when i lowered the contrast but they are still visible at zero contrast. Also, hockey is impossible to watch because the ice isn’t clear (it is way too white. What would be creating these “splotches”? Even the HD channels have these issues but they are at least watchable. A new issue that just occured recently is a line about 1 inch from the top going straight across moreso right to left (visible for 2/3 of the screen….I should have bought a panasonic. Any ideas? thanks

  41. ian

    Had exact problem as Joe (picture freeze then goes black every few minutes) did what someone on here said to pull power cord out of back and wait a bit then plugged back in seems to be fine now, has only been a few hours though.


    Wow! I have never senn so many problems with a TV in my life. I have Samsung DLP HLR4266WX. It is my bedroom TV that is never used with about 30 hours on it. I turn it on and get no picture. I can hear it start up but get no picture. The TV shuts off after 15 seconds. No warranty. Need help.

  43. Joe

    Ray, when you find out what it can be, please let me know.
    Thanks, Joe

  44. Mike Mandeville

    I have to agree with you. I bought my 50in Samsung DLP not quite two years ago. I found this forum (and others) because I was researching two problems. My TV has black horizontal lines every 4 inches or so down the picture and lately, my TV would just turn itself off for no reason. Sounds like I either have a heat build up issue or my bulb is starting to go bad. Can’t seem to find an answer/fix for the lines yet. This will be the last DLP I own and I can’t see myself rewarding Samsung by buying an LCD from them the next time. I can’t believe Samsung would put out a product with as many problems I’ve seen.

  45. amit

    Hi, I have a Samsung DLP 50″. Recently the Analog board on it went bad. What it does is..if you feed any analog signal (composite / component / svide) it just shows distorted green screen but audio plays. However when u connect a digital source (HDMI or Digital Component off a camera), it works fine. I basically need to feed digital source to it rather than waste money fixing the old TV. My sat reciever just has Analog Composite / Component / S-Video out. What are my options? I do have an upscaling DVD player that has HDMI out..but I cant route it thru…or can I? as DVD players have NO inputs.

    Thank you

  46. DLP Fan

    My 50″ Samung HL-S5086wX/XAA got a couple marrs on the screen that could not be cleaned off without ruining the picture.

    After many inquiries to “authorized suppliers,” I found that the screen CAN be purchased and replaced! Woo Hoo!!!!

    The only catch: The screen costs $249.00 and the shipping costs $324.72

    Fortunately for me, a local TV repair shop had the exact model as mine with other problems that were unrepairable. He sold me the whole kit and kaboodle for $150.00

    NOW— I would like to find a link to a site where I can find detailed instructions on how to go about the replacement.

    Any assistance would be greatly appreciated!

  47. midniteoyl

    Have the same problem.. Green/pink grid on screen. HDMI works as well as PiP (any input).

    This is the fourth problem in 2.5 years: Light engine, lamp, color wheel, now this.

    Any and all help would be really appreciated.


  48. midniteoyl

    Have the same problem.. Green/pink grid on screen. HDMI works as well as PiP (any input).

    This is the fourth problem in 2.5 years: Light engine, lamp, color wheel, now this.

    Any and all help would be really appreciated.


  49. greg

    Hey Franco, have you had any results given or answers to your problem? I too have similar issues…if you know any thing would you let me know? thanks in advance

  50. Gary

    I have a 5-6 year old DLP. I replaced the bulb 18 months ago and have only used the TV moderately over that time. Now I get the middle warning light flashing and no picture (or ability to bring up a menu). I have ordered another bulb but was told it could be the wheel. I have had no noise to indicate worn bearings etc. I have also had all three warning lignts flash suggesting a bad bulb. I was told the bulb would last 80,000 hours. Thats a lot of tv.

  51. billy

    I have 5-6 DLP, have replaced the bulb and the color wheel…much fun. Now, I have vertical lines about 1″ in width spaced about every 6 inches across the screen. Any ideas?

  52. Most likely it is your DMD chip. The chip has millions of micro mirrors on it that reflect the light from the color wheel to the screen. If it’s not working properly, the mirrors most likely are not tipping back and forth which can cause the vertical lines.

  53. Steven A.

    I started having the problem as well it last for about the first 10 minutes then goes away. I think it is the powersupply card. There are approximately 3 transistor on a heatsink on this card and I narrowed the sound to that area of the television. I feel one the transistors are about the fail. But I can live with it for now. Will troubleshoot it more as my problem gets worst.

  54. Steven A.

    If you are receiving a shreeking noise during powering up the DLP and it last for several minutes its probably this device:
    The noise I was hearing was on this board. It would make since because it provides the power to run the DLP. My DLP tube was about 4 years old and its still working but I am receiving the noise during powering up. Even though I was formerly a TV Technician over 10 years ago back in the CRT Days and technology has changed rapidly since those days so I am no expert anymore. I can’t say how long these DLP bulbs last but don’t expect 10 years and more. They were not designed for longevity but for image quality.

  55. Morris

    I see several are experiencing a common problem regarding a screaching noise. This is the color wheel dying. You can order one for a little over a hundred dollars and install it yourself. There are instructions on the internet. I’ve done it; it took about a hour. However, I suggest you hire a very small, technically astute octypus for the task.

  56. Morris

    Most any “shreeking” noise will likely come from a dying color wheel. Intermitent for days and weeks, but continues to degrade. More frequent at startup at first, but will begin to continue beyond startup. Can be ordered; you can replace it. It’s just tedious. Instructions are available on the internet.

  57. Ralf

    I have a Samsung dlp hl-p5663w, no picture but there is audio. Tv turns on for a few seconds then turns off and back on again all within a few minutes then stays off…with lamp light blinking green each time. I have already replaced the lamp and the ballast. Any suggestions? Thanks

  58. Steven A.

    Make sure to obtain the Ballast for your particular model. No one size fits all.

  59. Ralf

    I got the ballast from Samsung…went to

  60. Dennis S.

    Samsung HL-R5067W with original bulb. Picture has wide green vertical bars from top to bottom with some green streaks across the top. Bulb has been removed and reinstalled. Menu screen looks great when you first power it up. Dish Network and Xbox signals have bars. Audio is good. Picture is unwatchable. Unit has been unplugged for 8 hours and the picture looks the same. Anyone have any ideas? Thanks, Dennis

  61. Gene

    My Samsung S4676S shut down afer making some crackeling noise that sounded like static. Then I got the 3 led lights flashing. replaced the lamp and fired it up. After about 30 minutes the crackeling noise was back. suspecting an over heatiing problem I put a fan behind the set near the box that has no fan. It worked for about two weeks by running the external cooling fan. Now it is doing it again. I shut it down and after 15 minutes I restart it for another 20 minutes before it over heasts again. It no longer makes the tone soound when it shuts down, It does make the tones on the start up….No blinking lights as long as I shut it down before it shuts itself down. What is going on here??? Samsung is either unable or unwilling to help and act as if no-one ever has trouble with their TV’S Huh ! No more samsung junk for me

  62. sal

    same problem here Samsung DLP 42″ after 1 1/2 year 2 white dots appear (like stars) then in a few weeks i have 7 white dots, called samsung and they said warranty is up they cant come and help me. Does anyone have figured out how to take the white dots off from the screen? thanks

  63. Howard Leadley

    I have been working on some Samsung DLP’s and I am not a factory trained tech. but I have found several problems with these units. Correctly insert the DLP bulb door, also rock the reset switch back and forth several times to make sure it moves correctly, then if all else fails if you can, I could had extra Balasts for testing exchange and yes I know You most likely will not have one but what can I say, :). Next thing is power board thats wired to balast, have a nice day.
    Later Howard

  64. Jacob

    Samsung DLP 52″ is doing the same thing that joe’s and ray’s was doing. Picture freezes and then goes black. Does not allow you to turn tv off or switch to another source while it is turned black or frozen. I unplug it for a while and then it works fine for a while. ( A day or two at the most). Have a pc hooked up to it and it works fine, even while it is freezing up on component or hdmi (have satellite on comp. 2 and ps3 on hdmi comp.) I find that very odd. Please someone help me figure out what’s going on.

  65. GARY

    Hi, I have a Samsung DLP 50″ screen is green. Repair shop said it will cost around $550 needs a new board. Had less than 40 hrs on it, paid around $3,000 for it. Should I fix it or dump it!

  66. Charles

    The in home tech said the screeching problem is a bad color wheel.

  67. Sean

    I have a 50″ HL-R5067W DLP that I paid $1600 2.5 years ago and it started to show green squares on the screen in chess board pattern. The only input that shows up WITHOUT the green squares is HDMI, every other analog inputs including OTA HD channels all show either green squares or green vertical lines. If anyone knows where the culprit could be, please let me know.

    1. It could be your DMD chip. A DMD chip houses millions of micro mirrors which tilt back and forth very rapidly and causes them to reflect the color onto your TV screen. If it’s broken that could be the cause of your chess board pattern color issues.

  68. Sean

    I have a 50″ HL-R5067W DLP that behaves exactly as yours. The only input that does not show either green squares or green vertical lines is the HDMI. Did you have yours fixed? Could it be the analog board?

  69. sam

    I have a samsung dlp hlt5075s,I am having a problem with white dots on the left hand side of the screen.I have checked the lamp and removed dust that has built up on and around the lamp but it did not fix the problem.

    1. Chances are that the dots could be caused by a few problems… Either your cable or satellite box or component cables are faulty, or you have a bad DMD chip. The DMD chip tilts tiny mirrors on and off rapidly. If the mechanism to to turn the mirrors is malfunctioning, it can be left in the on position, permanently reflecting light toward the screen. The amount of time it switches back and forth control the intensity of the white light, so if it’s on back and fourth 50% of the time in 1 second, you get a grayish color. If it’s on 100% you get a white pixel. If its on 0% of the time, then you get a dark pixel. It doesn’t sound like a lamp WOULD fix your problem since the lamp’s main purpose is to provide light.

  70. Joe

    Screeching sound would more than likely be the color wheel. Does the screeching sound weaken right after turning off? Does it start back up a few seconds after you power the tv?

  71. Joe


    Do you have the TV plugged in to a surge protector? If not, it’s probably a little to late but if you get even one more power outage without surge protection you will have a TV saying bye-bye pronto!
    Surge protectors are worth the investment.

  72. Joe

    In any case it sounds to me like your power supply is on it’s last days. Sooner than later it will give up and you will need to replace it along with any other parts that can get damaged when the power supply goes out! Don’t wait! Get it checked now before you have to pony up more bengis!

  73. Joe

    80,000 hours!?!?!?! You must mean 8,000 hours and even that is a lot for a good life on a DLP lamp.