1. Your Sony doesn’t have a color wheel :). The Sony’s are Projection LCD Technology. Instead of the color wheel you have three “tints”

    When you get the color issues, often referred to as the Yellow Blob, yellow haze, green blob, green haze, red blob, red haze, it’s do to an internal filter inside your light engine.

    Essentially, one of the tints has been overheated and lost it’s color saturation, hence, it is not producing the normal color effect that it once had…hence, the color is out of whack un proportionally…depending on when on the tint the color has faded.

    I know the above paragraph is a mouth full…but all in all, it is a serious problem, and it has been reported by hundreds of Sony TV owners. I would call Sony and demand a favorable resolution!

    1. bob

      had the same problem with the green tint. I contacted sony and they sent a repairman to my home. they replaced the complete he complete color engine at no cost to me. set works great now. contact sony ASAP

      1. Li


        Did this just happen to you recently?
        My set has just shown this problem. what a bummer. Which Sony service number did you call? I have not had much luck so far in talking to a good contact in Sony.



      2. Denny

        Bob, I also have a “yellow haze” with my 3.5 year old KDSR60XBR1. I saw there was a class action lawsuit but looks like the repair settlement expired in July 2009. Were you able to get the repair done after this date for free? If, so, how? Thanks.

        1. The only way to get this repaired is second hand through a repair center at this point. To source parts is difficult though, but DM might have new color engines. Bringing your own parts will significantly reduce the costs of the repair.

        2. oswald augustin

          where can I purchase the Optical Block. I live in Florida

      3. Alex


        I’ve had the same problem with my TV for over 8 months and never got around to getting in a sales call. When I did over the holidays the repair tech I called told me it’s an $1100 repair. I just came across your posting and would love to know which number you called. As in most instances with big corps its a maze getting to someone who can authorize corp expenditures for repairs. Any assiatance is greatly appreciated.

        1. Ted

          I just called Sony last night. I have a KDS-R50XBR1 that has a green tint after 5 years. They said they could send me a new 55″ for $450. I huge discount or a new 46″ for free! I am going with the free one. I was very surprised. I just needed to take a pic of the screen and send them the serial # from the back of the TV

          1. Hi Ted, I just had the same green problem with my Sony KDS-R60XBR1. Can you please contact me at 5083317587 or email at cdemers024@comcast.net. I just want to make sure I handle my call to Sony correctly so that I can get a fair deal as you did. I would really appreciate your call. Thanks Chas

          2. tami

            I am having a horrible issue with our kds – r60xbr1 that was given to me by a friend who moved to thialand. It worked for 2 months. then last sunday while watching a program it went dead. i went to tv and seen it was the lamp lite by the lite flashing on screen. I purchased a new one and installed it properly and turned tv on and now the standby light is flashing 6 times indicating the thermas fuse is bad. I have called sony asking for help.. What a bunch of loosers they are. no help at all. I have found the replacement part through amazon and have ordered it but now cant find any information on how to replace it (once it arrives). does anyone have any information to help me out please. Lost with out our tv….

      4. jerry

        sony repaired it free? can you help me out. what is the number for sony?

  2. joey29

    Thank you for your help but i was wondering if you know that if would have to buy a whole new light engine or just the part that is causing this yellow look? would you think that it is worth $300 for the tv with this issue and i fix it?

  3. Joey,

    there is a Class Action lawsuit against Sony right now on this issue…and they have settled. Please contact Sony ASAP and let them know that you’ve heard about a class action lawsuite against their Projection TVs. There is a good chance your TV will be repaired or replaced by Sony directly!

    Let us know!

    1. Irene Sikorski

      We are experiencing the same problem and it is now 2009. What happened with the lawsuit? I want to lodge a complaint. We paid almost 5 grand 4 years ago.

  4. tony

    my sony kdsr60xbr1 picture is shutting off and on how can i fix the problem

  5. William Rodriguez

    Hi Tony,

    I’m currently having the same problem with my TV. Once I did a little research, I found out, that It may be the projection lamp. I’ve the TV for about 3 yrs. I’m waiting for the replacement lamp (should be here by tomorrow 4/29/08) Once I replace it, I will update you.

    My TV kept shutting off (Visual & Audio), the power light turned from Green to Red and TV remained off. I tried unplugging for 60seconds, but that didn’t help.

  6. Sig

    Colour wheel- then where would the high pitch sound from my Sony Bravia 46″ KDF-46e3000- come from? I read that if a high pitch sound comes from the projection lamp, it maybe the colour wheel? Or is this something else, or normal? pls advise..thanks

  7. Paul R. Cole

    Tony & William-

    You both have what sounds like a failed lamp- I’ve had 2 XL5100 lamp failures with my SONY KDSR60XBR1 in the last 2 years. It had the optical block replaced to fix the “yellow stain” issue at 10 months too.
    The first lamp ran less than 2100 hrs and the replacement failed after 140 days (aprox 900 hrs) so I’m NOT impressed with the set especially the lamp life. A little research indicates many others are seeing substantially less lamp life than SONY originally hoped for. ( that’s putting it mildly)
    The picture is stunning when the thing works but it fails too often for the cost of the set.

  8. It’s true these Sony sets seem to be pretty bogus. Also, keep in mind there isn’t a color wheel these units either since they are LCD projection!!!

  9. Mike

    My KDS-R60XBR1 made a loud popping noise and the red indicator light is flashing. What could have caused this?

    1. DC McKenie

      Your bulb is gone out. It has happened to me twice on my set..
      New bulb cost about $100. You can change yourself if you are handy. Use special care not to touch bulbb surface with bare hand.
      Hope this helps.

  10. Dllfo

    We bought our KDS-R60XBR1 on Dec 31, 2005. My wife was with me and we were NOT told the life of the projection bulb would be around 3,000 to 5,000 hours. We were told 6,000 to 8,000 hours by the salesman, who is pretty honest about it.

    We bought an extended warranty, but did not get a copy. The reason why is the store did not submit our payment to the extended warranty people until yesterday, when we called asking about it. About 900 days after we bought it.

    The Sony tech rep told me to expect about 2 years out of a bulb. So if I have this TV for 15 years, like my last big screen, and I pay the Sony guy to install it, I will be paying close to $3,000 for the privilege (?) of owning a Sony. I can already buy a replacement Sony 60 inch for less than half the money I paid Dec. 31, 2005. $5,009.71 and that did not include the Sony stand it sits on.

    I am burned out on Sony. I bought their top-of-the-line laptop at Circuit City and it gave me nothing but trouble…to the point I just wanted to be rid of it. It cost me $187+ for restocking, but it was worth it. With the money I got back I bought two Dell laptops and we are happy with them.

    I am going to check with the State of California about them holding our extended warranty money until we called in a complaint and I will file a complaint against Sony and the local dealer for misleading us into thinking we would get 6,000 to 8,000 hours. If they had told me every two years, I would not have bought it. Good luck with your units.

  11. Scott

    I have had my KDSR60XBR1 since 5-2006 and today it is 9-26-08. The TV is on at LEAST 11 hours a day practically 365 days a year. By my calculations if this TV is 2 years and 5 months old I have 9,680 hours on the ORIGINAL lamp. Other than the optical block problem with the “green blob” that was associated with it I have had ZERO problems with the TV. Now I’m sure that some days the TV gets a bit less use, but other days it gets more.. and sometimes it stays on all night because we forget the sleeper timer… so 9,680 is probably less than actual hours. I don’t know the service code method to show the actual lamp time though, but that is a pretty good approximation. Anyway.. just fairly recently I have noticed an occasional flicker from the TV… mostly noticeable when light scenes are on screen. It is sort of like a pulsation or strobing and lasts for 5-10 seconds when it happens. To my knowledge though the color and brightness of the set appears to be no different than when it was brand new. The pulsation is not even that noticeable and happens rarely. I’m totally 100% satisfied with my SXRD and Sony’s warranty support for the optical block. My next TV will most likely be a newer SXRD with 120 refresh and full 1080p.. or whatever is on the market when I decide to replace this, but so far 2.5 years and going strong. I hate and love at the same time that the price on these has dropped by half since I bought mine. Mine was about 3500 bucks with the stand and now you can find them pretty regularly for 1800-2200 with better specs.

  12. beldar

    rule number one
    there are NO color wheels in sony light engine tvs ie kdf kfe etc
    rule number two
    if the samsungs dont turn on check the bulb first
    inspect the tube and replace if it stilll doesnt turn on the light engine needs a new dmd board essentially a new light engine
    the sonys that require the smaller bulb and have brightness issues need the bulb replaced because the lens in the bulb has degraded
    solution new bulb
    i wish the people with kp sets would quit asking stupid questions about replacing light engines
    the class action lawsuit for sony tvs has resulted in replcement of the light engine or replacement of the entire tv with a newer model
    the one i have here a kdf55 needs the polarizing filter in the light tunnel but sony probably wont be able to supply the individual filter
    not to be confused with the air filter on the outside of the light engine
    all fans need to be cleaned in these tvs with compressed ait
    sometimes the fan needs to replaced and the tv will not turn on in the case of a fan that doesnt rotate or turns to slow
    display 5 volume down poer will give errors on sony tvs that display
    samsung tvs are more reliable and will still need a lamp replacement
    sony tvs inthe kdf series may need a thermal fuse in the evnet they do not turn on there is a simple replacemnt sony part number for this
    also noticed that the inside of the screen assembly is dusty on this tv and needs to be manually dusted including removal to acheive
    if someone can come up with a replacement for the glass filter in the kdf55 engine please email back or post
    im not sure if its a polarizing filter or what
    it defintely has a burn spot in it and replacing it with a samsung filter results in a overly blue pic
    later call sony or samsung customer service if you dont get satisfactory results from bby or cc service
    you should register your product any way

  13. beldar

    dony buy any light engines or spend any money on these products without calling the manufacturer first stupid stupid stupid
    all the light engine tvs are involved in class action lawsuits
    at the very least check the internet for a comparable product
    there is a lot of gouging going on and the authorized servicer will take your money and not tell you that you could have claimed the tv with the manufacturer

  14. rojo

    SO I MOVED THE KDS-R60XBR2. i PICKED IT UP FROM MY EXWIFE HOUSE AND THE tv was working perfectly(part of the divorce settlement). I put it into the back of a Mercedes ML SUV with the TV facing up, laying straight on its back. That is the only way it would fit. I drove 3 hours back to DC and now the screen has a green tint all over it. but it works. on the static channels, there is a like a green blob moving in the center continuously.

  15. stuart

    It’s not that big of a deal. Every 3 years you need to install a bulb. It’s an esy DIY job.

    You can buy the entire cartridge,..or just the bulb itself for about $110.

    It takes one phillips screw to open the bulb compartment on the right side of the set,..then pull the handle to remove the cartridge. At this point you can install a new cartridge,..or dissasemble the cartridge (one philips screw and one small nut) and install the new builb. I did mine in about 10 minutes with a Phillips screwdriver and a pair of household pliars. So your costs over 15 years (4 replacements after using up the orrigional) would be $440,..not 3 grand. In the world of super high-end TV’s,…that’s cheap.

    Here’s a place that sells the bulb alone for $135,…or the bulb already installed in a rebuilt OEM housing for $155. At $155 it makes it a 2 minute swap,..with only one phillips screw to remove and replace. ( and $155 x 4 replacements is still $620 over the last 12 years of the TV’s life). Seriously,..if you can clean your dryers’ lint screen,..you can change this bulb.

  16. We recommend using an OEM lamp inside an OEM housing. Discount-Merchant.com sells an original Philips for $124.99 for the bare lamp, and $179.99 for the entire thing with an OEM Philips Lamp for the Sony XL-5100.

    Don’t buy generic. If you want to get the 3-years out of the lamp, then you’ll need an original Philips lamp!


  17. bill

    i have the sony kdsr60xbr1,and all of a sudden,i lost the picture,and the red light was flashing at the bottom of my television,where it red lamp.my wife moves things from time to tome,and i cannot find my manual.do you know if this would be the sony xl-500 television lamp?

    1. Serje

      Bill same think did happen to me, but could be only the Lamp or the small fan by the lamp or if you change the lamp there’s a sensor on the lamp’s door that if you screw too tie or too loose it won work!!! if is the lamp is a easy thing too change only open the side door on the right and do it if is the fan you have to check next to the lamp on the left if is working,the cost $35 and is one easy plug to change if is the sensor on the door try changing the lamp without putting the screw back if it works you have too slowly screw the door until it works!!! but man if is the main sensor you’re in trouble cause is next to the engine and is a good $1.000 plus labor !!! hopefully is only the lamp!!! Good Luck !!!

  18. Shawn

    I am a TV Tech and have repaired over 60 or more ( i’v lost count)
    of these TV’s. The above explanantion is correct. Sony is covering the part and labor repair of your TV for a limited time. As per Sony TA., The problem has been resolved with the NEW Optical Block, and we have had no recalls on the repairs. Get your claim in with Sony ASAP. and the repair WILL be covered by them.


  19. Shawn

    Replace the lamp! there are only TWO problems with this TV (Normaly) that is the Lamp, and the Optical block. Worst case…. you may need a ballast.


  20. Jeff

    I have a KDS-R60XBR1 TV, the entire screen has a green tint. The lawsuit for getting a free fix from sony has expired. I purchased a new Sony XL-5100 lamp unit. I installed it earlier today and the TV has improved in color. However, the greenish look is still present, although a tad bit better than before.
    What do I do now? I want to get rid of this green color! Is there something I can do to fix it myself for cheap? or do I have to take it into a repair shop? What are the costs?
    I appreciate the help. I just want my pretty screen back!

  21. Heyman Niceshot

    Jeff I’m in the same boat with ya, but my lamp is fine 3 1/2 years on the lamp still going strong what do we do now?

  22. Chris

    There are 2 major problems listed here and I have had both occur. For the folks who have the TV shutting off and have tried replacing the 115 dollar bulb, try replacing the 11 dollar fan, it worked for me. The heat fuse was trying to protect the set as the fan whould not always start and the TV would heat up pretty quick. For some reason when you replace the bulb the TV stays on a little longer but after a few days or weeks it started shutting down again. Good for me I saved the old bulbs as I now have 3 good bulbs and the replacement of the fan has solved the shut down problem. SECOND issue. I too had the yellow blobs and had the optical block repaired under Sony warranty prior to the lawsuit and settlement in 2007. It has lasted 2 years and the yellow blob is back and the law suit settlement extending the warrany expired 30 June 2009 (good job Sony you settled perfect and mine went bad 2 months after extended warranty period) I love this TV when it works and would easily buy a new optical block if I knew I’d get 2 more years of use, but I am not willing to take that risk and can not find the optical block (would want proof it was the NEW version of the block – DOES ANYONE HAVE THE PART NUMBER for the new optical block) I watched the guy put the other one in and it isn’t rocket science. You take a lot of parts out to get the old block out and in but I would guess the diagrams are available on line. If anyone knows where to get the new optical black and its less than 600 or 800 bucks let me know. Otherwise this TV is going to Goodwill and I am writing off a 2500 deduction on my tax return and buying a new TV Thanks, Chris

      1. DM also sells optical blocks, but it’s not something I would recommend you do yourself! The lamp has to be aligned properly, other wise you can have problems like the focal point being off and causing the LCD to prematurely wear and getting the blue or green blob of doom, associated with the early models of these Sonys.

    1. Brandon Palmer

      Chris, can you let me know what model fan you used to replace the existing unit? How difficult was it? Was it a direct replacement or was wire splicing required???


    2. Rich

      Chris, where do I get the fan and how do I replace it?

  23. Mark Mahoney

    I contacted Sony on 11-26-09 and their response was that the extended waranty ran out in June 09. I asked why I was not notified about this lawsuit and the free fix/repair. They said they posted it on their website. I am quite upset since I registered this set with Sony and they new I had it. Theie response now is tuff luck, you bought a TV that had a design flaw and since you didn’t check Sony’s website every so often, you are screwed. I took my KDS-R60XBR1 to a repair shop today. They turned it on and looked at me and said it was the color engine, go buy a new TV since it would cost more than the TV is worth (bought this TV from Best Buy in 2006 for $5,000, Best Buy said this was the greatest new technology in today’s world). Therefore, I now own a $5,000 Sony paper weight. Obviously Sony doesn’t stand behind their products. Very, very disappointed with Sony. Will never buy any of their products again.

    1. Everyone is moving away from DLPs because of the problems and costs associated with pushing this technology out to market before it was ready! DM has a lot of repair parts available including color engines. I’d check with them.

  24. arlan noble

    What exactly is the cut off point of the warranty of the kds-r60xbr1 green haze problem fix. Bought in 2006 and it just started the problem about 4 months ago. I looked up the price of the light engine and optical block and they are over $2000. Doesn,t make since to fix this pile of junk. There will never be
    a sony product in my house again unless they fix this. I expect to shell some expense but I can buy another tv(sansung) much better for much less. NOT TO HAPPY Arlan noble

    1. liz gardner

      Hey this is very important info for all of you’ll.I just called sony this am with the green tint,optical block problem and they are sendind me a new tv for 350.00 plus tax.I love sony sony products and i realize that sometimes junk happens and this model tv has a major issue.i encourage all of you to call 1-800-222-7669 and explain your problem. i bought my tv in 2006 and it is on at least 8 hours a day.we paid almost 5000.00 for it and i feel satisfied with the model they are replacing it with.lcd versus projection!There is not a company in this world that has a flawless record so give sony a chance to make things right.I am happy!

      1. Hi Ted, I just had the same green problem with my Sony KDS-R60XBR1. Can you please contact me at 5083317587 or email at cdemers024@comcast.net. I just want to make sure I handle my call to Sony correctly so that I can get a fair deal as you did. I would really appreciate your call. Thanks Chas

  25. Cedric

    Hi, I have a sony KF-42E200A 42 inch dlp, and recently, a kind of red tint appeared at the top of the screen, like if a magnet had been passed on the top of the tv and made it redish, but the bar is really straight, like if the magnet have been passed with a ruler. what to do?

  26. Slatter27

    i Just bought the SONY KDS-R60XBR1 from craigslist for $500 and i just realised that these TV’s have an optical block issue. I have the green haze on the tv. I also found out the serial number is off. What do i do? call sony? i dont have the serial number and the person i bought it from is not responding to my calls. HELP

    1. Travis

      Sounds like they already sent the serial tag to Sony for an out of warranty offer. And then they put it on Craig’s list and ………….you know the rest. Sorry man. šŸ™

    2. Ted

      Your screwed. The guy you bought it from got a brnd new 46″ from Sony for free.

  27. khiem

    i just called sony at 800-222-7669 and explain the yellow stain issue. they offered me $350 plus local taxes which comes out to $384.13 for a new KDL-55EX501 which is a 55″ LCD 1080P 120Hz TV. But the catch is I have send them the serial sticker from the back of the KDS-R60XBR1 and release all liability to Sony. It’s not a bad deal but I hate that I still have to spend more money for a TV Sony knew was defective. Now I have shell out about $150 for a stand for the KDL-55EX501 so in total it’s well over $500. Oh well.

    1. Travis

      I just got off the phone with Sony and they told me the exact same thing. I also have the KDS R60XBR1 and the screen has a green tint all over. They actually offered me 3 different Tv’s. A KDL 46ES 700 for free, KDL 55EX500 for 350$, and some other for 500$ (plus taxes of course). Im going with the 55 too. Ive sent the serial tag along with a picture of the TV. Maybe Sony has cleaned up their act some, Ive been dealing with this for a year with no luck until I read this forum and found about this offer. Thanks to all.

      1. Ted

        I’m getting the 46″
        How long did it take you to get yours?
        Do you know where I can get a refurbished optical Block?

  28. Savageone

    I also have been dealing with the green screen for a while. Got the same offer as
    Travis above. This is not a bad deal but I still think Sony should swap them out or fix them for free. Live and learn. I sure do like it when it works.

  29. i cannot that no one has figured out a solution. even shadey tv repair guys that make there little comments but cant give us an answer. thanx

  30. i cannot believe that no one has figured out an easy solution, even the shadey t.v. repair guys that made there little comments about how easy the fix is, but never told us how is pretty heartbreaking. just want to fix the problem without giving up my damn t.v. for a smaller choice that just is not the same. anyways someone has to know
    sorry about the first comment

    1. Eric

      I had the same old green haze and it turned out to be the actual projector. Call Sony and have them send a certified tech to come and fix it. Our problem fell under warranty so the cost to me was nil.

  31. Player Profiles

    You you could edit the post subject title Sony kds-R60xbr1 colour problem???????? to something more generic for your content you create. I liked the blog post withal.

  32. matt

    I have a KDS-R60xbr1 I was watching it when I heard a loud “click” from the tv and it turned off. Now the Power LED light on the front blinks in 5 blink intervalls. Sony says it is a power issue and a certified tech needs to look at it. Anyone know if there is a internal reset on the TV? Anyone else had this problem? if so what did it take to fix it…….. thanks

  33. jairo pulido

    I have problem whith the same sony dlp tv KDS-R60XBR1 green and red ( no blue ) enybody can help whith that?….

  34. Henry Piche

    I purchased my Sony KDS-R60XBR1 on April 27, 2006. I just changed the bulb for the first time.
    I don’t know if this is any help but when I set up my home stero system I purchased a device that regulates the power that goes into the TV. I was told that pluging the system directly into the wall
    may absorb the power surges that occur. All I can say is that I have not had any problems with this set and it looks like I am a very lucky person.


  35. Tim

    I was able to pick up a Sony KDS-R60XBR1 and it had a green tint to it at first so i replaced the bulb which helped a bit but slowly got worse. After getting really green i replaced the bulb again which still showed the green tint for a couple of minutes and then the tv went completely red. Now the entire picture is in complete red tint on every input. Adjusting the menu settings does nothing. Can anyone tell me exactly whats wrong? I would like to repair the tv. The previous owner removed the serial number so calling Sony will be of no help to me. Any help on this issue would be greatly appreciated. Thank you

  36. mark

    Wow, this seems to be a recurring problem. I’m gonna fix it. What is the optical block part number and how do I replace it? if I find out another way I will write in. My tv is a sony R60xrb1. Yup geen tint problem. thanks mark

  37. Tim

    I have a KDS-55A2000. Had it for over 5 years now and the bulb blow on it. So I got a new one and put it in and when I turned it on, the optical block would no longer display the blue colors. Everything was red and green. I saw this forum and the class action law suit and called Sony. Told them what happened and they just checked on the model # and serial number. Didn’t ask for proof of purchase. The tech said since it is out of warranty I would be responsible for any repair costs, but if I wanted I could buy either of the following two tvs: KDL55BX520 for $575 + tx free shipping (Retails at BestBuy for $1499) OR KDL46EX521 for $475 + tx. I had to send them a color picture of the tv screen and the serial model label off the back of the tv. Sounds like it will take about 30 days for them to get my info, process it, and ship a new one. We shall see.

    1. Mike

      Like Tim but the 50inch model- I have a KDS-50A2000. The picture had a yellowish tint to it so I started googling what the problem is only to see it’s a known issue with the Optical Block that Sony stopped fixing. Had the tv for 5yrs and only had to change the buld a year ago, this year the color got yellowish. I saw everyone calling Sony, so I did and the tech guy asked for my model/serial#, told him the problem and he gave me two options- Fix it myself or Sony would give me a discount on an LCD tv KDL55BX520 for $700 and a wireless LED tv KDL46EX640 for $400. He said the tv’s are new and that’s the only models they are offering, I personally don’t like either so I told him I would call back. I don’t know how Tim above got a better price on the 55inch model but I plan on speaking to someone about either getting a better price or a different model. LED’s are so cheap these days, why do i want to spend $700 towards older technology. I thought about fixing my tv but due to the cost of the part and the fact that the buld and the Optical Block will go bad again….I’ll pass on any DLP.

    2. Mike

      Forgot to mention that there are Youtube videos and guides all over the internet on how to change the Optical Block. Just type in the Youtube search “Sony SXRD Projection Green Yellow picture” and there’s an easy to follow video guide. I could do it but why invest the money in a part, not to mention if you actually mess up and makes your tv a large paper weight, on a tv that will go bad again. Hopefully I can twist Sony’s arm into giving me a better price or a different model but if not, i’ll just buy the $400 46inch LED from them, it’s listed online for right under $1000.

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