Samsung HL-R4667wax/aax problems

Hi. I have had the aforementioned TV for almost 3 years. Recently, when turned on there would be sound but no picture. Turning the TV off then on would solve the problem. Now the problem is permanent. There were no error codes blinking on the fron of the TV at any time. I crack open the back, turn the set on and there is no light from the bulb. Bulb is replaced but still no light! I replace the ballast. Now the bulb comes on. However, the “lamp” error code on the front of the set blinks and the TV turns off after about 20 seconds. I tried the old lamp and the same thing happens. I cannot even get into the setup menu. Bulb works. Fans work. I can even hear the color as it stops spinning as the set powers down. Ant thoughts would be greatly appreciated.

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