Replacement Lamp on my Samsung HL-R5668W

I purchased a new lamp and housing for my HL-R5668W DLP, matching the code from the side of the set, (BP96-01073A(P120W), but found that the new housing will not fit all the way back into the lamp slot on my TV.  The connectors appear to be slightly different, but still look as though they should fit.  I wrestled with the thing for an hour before finally giving up…it’s not a matter of just wiggling it into place.  The old housing still slides back all the way into the slot.  I’m reluctant to swap the new lamp into the old housing because I might screw it up.  Is there a way to just swap the connector first, to see if that is the reason the housing won’t go fully back, or is the connector an integral part of the lamp?  Is anyone familiar with this problem?

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