Black Friday Tomorrow!

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Hey guys,

I wanted you to post about our specials on Friday.

All of our OEM Philips E22h and E23h lamps will be $99.99!
This includes lamps for the following brand TVs:
Akai, Gateway, Gemstar, LG, Magnavox, Optoma, Philips, RCA, Samsung, Vivitek, Vizio, Zenith, as well as select mitsubishi part numbers:
915P020010, 915P026010

Customers simply have to call in place the order and we can ship it out the same day!

If customers prefer to place their order online, they can use the coupon code OBAMA to get $10.00 off their order, which will last until the end of November (we’re huge Obama fans here, except for one guy who really liked McCain).

Thanks and have a Happy Thanksgiving!


There’s also a picture of their promotion going up. We got it here first! Check it out:

Click here to go to to purchase your lamps!

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  1. Josh W

    Oh man!!! WHAT A DEAL! I’m totally going to buy two! I hope the lamp is my problem. after reading this site I am pretty sure!

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