Toshiba Owners Manual for your DLP TV’s.

We all know that there are many things we take for granted, we ignore and probably throw them away until a situation presents itself when we need them and it’s too late.

For many of us this applies to the Owner’s Manual of our Toshiba DLP TV.

But no to worry, fortunately here at we can provide you with the necessary info you need.

You can download or view them here:

Toshiba 62HM116 Model Click here.

Toshiba 42HM66 Model Click here.

Toshiba 46HMX85, 52HMX85, 62HMX85 Models Click here.

Toshiba 52HMX95, 62HMX95 Models Click here.

Toshiba 46HM84, 52HM84, 62HM84 Models Click here.

Toshiba 57HM117, 65HM117 Models Click here.

Toshiba 44NHM84 Model Click here.

Toshiba 44NHM85 Model Click here.

Toshiba 46HM94, 52HM94, 62HM94 Models Click here.

Toshiba 50HM67, 57HM167, 65HM167 Models Click here.

Toshiba 56HM195, 62HM195, 72HM195 Models Click here.

Toshiba 62HM15 Model Click here.

Toshiba 50HM66 & 56HM66 Model Click here.

Toshiba 50HMX96 & 56HMX96 Model Click here.


  1. maryann buchanan

    i am having a hard time trying to get my vcr hooked up with my dvr and tv i have a toshiba 50hm66
    if you can help me that would be nice .hope to hear from someone.

  2. we just replaced our dlp lamp unit and installed it pretty easy but the problem is there still isnt a picture on the screen!!! The red power light keeps blinking followed by a green light which is the timer rec. (whatever that is?) the red power light blinks way more than the timer rec which blinks slower than the red! Can some one please tell us what our problem is. we have a toshiba dlp projection with d95-lmp lamp unit (dont really know model of tv) had it only 1 yr!

    1. Lee

      Thanks Linda! My husband and I were trying to figure out if it will be worth it to purchased the “high” priced DLP bulb for our Toshiba DLP, which died!…but after reading soooooo many comments on different web sites about these TV’s and replacing all of these expensive parts…and the TV…still doesn’t work. That made up our minds to just go out and get a new 42″ digital flat screen, which now sell for about the cost of two bulbs!
      Thanks again! You guys should probably do the same!

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