Today we are going to include a bonus manual for the JVC TV’s.

Stayed tuned for more TV owner’s manual from Fixyourdlp.com

You can download or view them here:

HD-52G787, HD-56G787, HD-61G787, HD-52G887, HD-56G887, HD-61G887, HD-70G887 Click here.

HD-52G456, HD-55G466, HD-55G456, HD-61Z456 Click here.

HD-52G586, HD-52G576, HD-52G566 Click here.

HD-52G886, HD-52G786, HD-56G886, HD-56G786 Click here.

HD-61Z585, HD-52Z585, HD-61Z575, HD-52Z575 Click here.

HD-56FH96, HD-61FH96, HD-70FH96 Click here.

HD-70G886, HD-61Z886, HD-61Z786 Click here.

HD-P61R1U, HD-P70R1U Click here.


  1. coby powell

    my samsung 61″ is having huge screen issues. parts of the screen are going out, but when i use the remote control the screen will come back breifly and then will our out again. is the color wheel going out???

    1. Coby,
      What exactly do you mean the screen is going out? Is it going dark on that part or there just isn’t any color in the area? Please provide more information so we can better assist you. Thanks.

  2. pat hughes

    i own a jvc hd-52z585. i have had bulbs go out in the past. However my new problem is that the color and brightness that I have come to love has started to fade over the last month. It sounds like the color wheel from what I have been reading, but there is know whistling or humming. In your opinion where should I begin to troubleshoot.

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