Samsung DLP problems

I have had my Samsung TV for 4+ years and this year it started shutting down on its own and then restarting again. I did some research and was informed to do the following.
1. Clean the dust and dirt out of the inside. Did that and problem solved for 2 months then it began shutting down again.
2. Check the blue switch in back to ensure its pointing down, this did nothing.
3. Replace the lamp if these don’t work, did that still the same problem.
4. Next step is what as I have no clue as to why it keeps shutting down. Paid 3k for this TV hoping it would last at least 10 years. Don’t want to spend tons of $$ trying to replace every part in the TV. Anyone have any ideas?


  1. John Sieger

    Kevin, I feel your pain. My 50″ Samsung DLP unit was broken more than it worked for the first few months it was in my home. We got it in the summer of 2004 and it had alot of parts replaced under warranty, including the light engine. So I have a little experience.

    I would suggest you try replacing the ballast. It is about $115 and is available through multiple sources. You also have to ensure that both cooling fans are operating. I believe the unit will shut-down if it doesn’t sense the fans are running. There is also a temperature sensor that controls operation.

    On the internet, you will find a troubleshooting guide that gives troubleshooting clues based on how the light indicators (cluster of 3 at the power button) will illuminate depending on the trouble issue.

    I am waiting on the arrival of a new color wheel and bulb. The unit took a crap yesterday right after the 4PM football games ended.

    I am sorry to say, you will not get anywhere near 10 trouble-free years out of one of these TV’s.

    Good luck!

    1. Jim White

      I also have a 50″ samsung(HL T50758),it will not even turn on.You mention an internet website that
      can give us some insite to problems analyzing the (3) flashing lghts.Could u give out that website?
      I haven’t seen one like that to go to for help.thnx

  2. Jack Steady

    I have 50″ Samsung DLP HL-R5067W. It had patchy picture and finally a blank screen. I replaced the lamp but still blank screen no audio. How do you suggest I proceed? Check The ballast? How?

  3. gary a thibeault

    I have a samsung DLP HLR4667WAX/XAA I need a coloer wheel.I’m have a hard time finding a part number.What would the part no . and if you have one. Can I replace just the coler wheel or do I HAVE REPLACE the engine to thank you.

  4. Matthew Culmer

    After chanhing the bulb in my Samsung HLS4366WX/XAA TV I now have a four inch blank space to the bottom, i cannot see the the top portions of pictures, are ther any adjustment that i can make

  5. john mcgee

    Ihave 61′ samsung that after 30-45 min of playing the sound stops and you turn off for about a hour or two and it plays for the 30-45 min

  6. Bryan Dodson

    I bought a Toshiba projection screen TV in 1995 and it gave me 13 care-free years until a thunder storm took it out in 2008.I removed the insides and actually sawed it in half and made a pedestal for my brand new samsung HL50A650 42″ High-Def. Three days ago it , took a dump……cutting on and off all by itself, just doing nutty things. I called samsung and asked for some relief ( I didn’t get the extended warranty) They sent a technician who found a bad ballast and a bad lamp.The tech charged me $90.00 and told me that if I wanted it fixed it would cost an additional $525.00. I said “NO” of course, wrote him a check,and asked him to leave.I ordered the parts that I needed and they cost me $214.00. The point that I’m trying to make is this…..(a) I have never heard of a TV that you had to periodically change the lamp;had I known this I would never have bought it(b) I’ll never own another Samsung product again



    1. kat

      I have a 61″ DLP and it’s covered in white dots, soon they will have obliterated the screen. I was told it was a circuit board too. Do you have this problem? Have you found an answer to it?

  8. Kate Miller

    I have a 50″ Samsung DLP that my husband purchased in Aug 07. He got the extended warranty on it, it expires in Aug of this year. We have gone thru 6 (I think) lamps, 2 ballasts, the engine and the pixels started going this year, so they replaced whatever that is called. Point I am making, this is a hunk of junk. He got it from Best Buy and they are mulling it over whether it’s a lemon or not because lamps are “consumables” I have been without a tv now for 14 days. I expect an answer tomorrow on whether they will consider this a lemon or not. I expect them to not because our warranty is up. Just buyer beware. If you are going to purchase this television, get the extended warranty.

    1. Mandy

      We have had the same problems that you all have had. Right now I am looking at a blank screen…needing a new bulb after the last one lasted less than 6 months, the one before that 5 months, and we are beginning to have little white dots as well. When we bought this TV we ended up needing to bring 3 TVs back for an exchange to Best Buy (another problem source) and on the fourth TV, when it wasn’t working, they said they would order parts for it. Three months later, after not getting the parts because they were backordered, I told Best Buy that I was going to take the TV and sit outside their store and tell everyone my TV experience with them, and I had a new TV within a half an hour. Still, the “new TV” is this hunk of junk sitting in front of me, so I don’t know how much good it did me. I’d be all for a class action suit. Count me in.

  9. Marcus Crew

    I believe Samsung is a very sorry company I will never buy any Samsung product and I am going to tell allmy friends and family on FaceBook. This company is no help when it comes to my Tv we have had this Samsung 61 inch Tv four years and broughttwo bulbs and after 6 months my Tv still don’t work. That want help you unless you continue to pay them to return bulb. They will charge a restock up 15% PLEASE DO NOT BUY SAMSUNG PRODUCT.

  10. keith brosseau

    I will have to agree with you on the piece of junk part. Our warranty went out also and just before it did we started getting little white dots on the screen, we were told by customer support o-well what would you like to do. I was floored so needless to say we r looking for a new t.v and would like to start a class action suit against them.

    1. Steven Grundy

      Posted: Mon Jul 11, 2011 8:47 pm Post subject:


      Posted: 06/14/2011 Post subject: Samsung HL56A650CIFXZA power on off randomly

      I have a 2 year old Samsung DLP 56″ TV (Model Code–HL56A650C1FXZA), that turns on and off by itself. It cycles every couple of seconds, but never stays on long enough to even get an idea where the trouble may be.

      I’ve removed the back panel, and vacuumed , and air blown off everything I could; including removing and cleaning the lamp. All moving parts (fans and wheels) are operating; I set the little blue switch under the lamp cover, as required, during cover replacement.

      What might cause the sets continuous on/off trouble???

      HELP!!! I’m lost here.

      Thanks much, in advance!!!


      P.S. I agree that there SHOULD be a “CLASS ACTION” filed against Samsung for their poor quality consumer products. We ALL need to be compensated for our losses.

    2. kat

      Yes, yes, that’s what mine is doing. Samsung said they were recalling for that problem but my three and a half year old TV wasn’t part of the recall group and gave me a number of a company that charges $250 bucks just to come out and look, then a part, they said a circuit board, and labor. Might as well give it away!

  11. John Lynch


  12. Chris Morris

    Our 56 inch samsung dlp tv was a very big purchase for ouf family due to our daughter having cerebral palsey. Never much money for purchases of this nature but wanted a tv with a big screen so she could watch it with us due to vision problems. 2 and a half years after purchase the bulb went out. We have a friend that has a very reputable tv repair shop and he helped us to get bulb and installed it for us. This was a three hundred dollar repair but we felt that it would be a good tv after that. About four months later we started noticing white dots forming along outside edges and over a period of four weeks white dots completely wiped the viewing area of screen out. We talked to friend and he said that he was sure that samsung would surely replace dlp chip that was causing the problem. He checked with samsung and was amazed at their response that they would replace defective chip through their shop not his and that we would have to call and set up appointment with samsung tech at a cost of about 500 dollars. Samsung had no sympathy or regrets about selling defective products and basically left us with impression that it was our fault for buying their product they did not make us buy it. We now have a 1800 dollar tv that sets in my daughters room facing the wall with sheet over it. we now watch a 21 inch tv because we have spent all we can on tv’s. I can put it very simply if you buy samsung products after reading this you get what you deserve

    1. Erica

      Chris, I recently had a similar problem with white dots appearing on my 5-year-old Samsung DLP TV. After a few persistent phone calls to Samsung and to “Samsung’s Authorized Service Center” (which turned out to be a relatively helpful mom-and-pop-type repair company), I managed to get the DLP chip replaced for “free.” I know you said that you’ve spent all you can on TVs, but if you are willing to give it another shot, here is a bit of additional info about my case that might help you. When I called 1-800-SAMSUNG, my issue was quickly dismissed as something that was not the company’s fault. However, because I was willing (though grudgingly so) to pay to have my TV fixed, I went ahead and called the authorized service center that they recommended. Once I did that and explained my situation, the owner of the repair company told me not to give up so easily on trying to get Samsung to cover the cost of repair. She gave me the number to Samsung’s “Executive Customer Relations” department and suggested that I ask them how many TVs have been reported to have the same issue. When I called the ECR Department, I explained my issue and told them that I had read numerous reports all over the Internet about consumers who experienced the same issue. To my surprise, with NO resistance whatsoever, Samsung offered to have the chip replaced (one time) at no cost to me, and they emailed me a repair ticket which allowed the authorized service center/local repair shop to replace my chip free of charge. I wish I could say that was the happy end of my story, but in my case, there was one additional complication. When I sent the repair company a photo of my white-dot-problem, they said it did not look like the typical problem caused by a bad DLP chip, and they ended up canceling the ticket. Again, because I was willing to pay to have my TV fixed, I asked the company to come out to assess the issue and to give me an estimate for the repair. The trip fee for the assessment did cost me $100, but in the end, the repairman determined that the problem WAS actually caused by a defective DLP chip, and the repair company resubmitted my claim to Samsung, who ended up replacing the chip at no further cost to me. If you’re interested, the number to Samsung’s ECR department is 1-800-522-7341. Hopefully, your white dots look more typical than mine did, and you will get your TV fixed totally free of charge. Best of luck to you!

  13. i have a 61″ Samsung DLP bought 6 years ago. the repairman was at the house so often the first year, i thought about giving him a bedroom. the only problem that is ongoing has to due with the color. the color will default to a red and green format after being on a half an hour. to correct the problem i have to power down the receiver (the TV is wired into a home entertainment center). this restores the color, but it does not last long. i cannot find this exact problem mentioned on any of the blogs. Can anyone shed some light on this?

  14. James B

    I have a 56 inch Samsung DLP TV. I have had nothing but issues the last 8 months. I had the white dot issue, 3 light bulbs. The last issue was last night in the middle of March Madness elite 8 game. The tv shuts down, three light go on on the right hand corner. I just bought a bulb 3 months ago. I have had it with Samsung!!!! I am lost for words.

  15. L.QUEEN


  16. jeanh

    My samsung dlp tv just started turning itself off, after replacing the bulb, can you give some advise as to what causes this and what can i do to correct the problem?

  17. JD

    I just started getting the white dots – called Sam twice and did get the 2nd tier executive support and they said the same thing – NO
    I like my HL50A650 but may have to go to some other brand since they do not honor defective chips, which this has to be with so many failures in so many different models.
    So long Samsung, hello Sony or Panasonic, or LG or …

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