Help with a malfunctioning Samsung DLP

I have a Sammy HLP5063W that is about 4-5 years old.  It is definitely within the timeframe for the lamp to go.  My wife was watching the TV the other day and it stopped working.  She described it as “all of a sudden there was this loud vibrational noise and the screen went all striated and then all black”.  She turned off the power on the TV, unplugged it for a minute, plugged it in again and the noise came back even though the power was off.  I took a look at it when i got home, but there doesn’t seem to be anything happening with it.  Any ideas on what the problem could be?  Is it a blown lamp, or maybe the color wheel?


  1. Mark

    Hi, my name is Mark. Hoping you could possibly help me with my Samsung DLP Tv. I apologize, I know the post about your Samsung DLP Tv Malfunctioning problem dates back to almost 7 years ago. You probably do not even own the tv anymore. My question is if you ever got your issue fixed. If so, please let me know what was the solution to the problem your DLP tv was having. I am currently experiencing the same exact issue. Everyone I have asked keeps telling me what they think the problem is based on their experiences with these tvs. You are the first post or article on internet I have come across where the issue you described is exact to what I’m dealing with.
    This is what my My Samsung DLP HLS6178 has just started doing maybe a week ago. L I was watching it and everything was fine. All of a sudden, I heard a loud buzz sound or a vibrating sound as you stated that your wife heard. Then the tv shut off. I turned it back on. Less than 30 seconds later came the buzz sound and the power once again turned off. I went to bed frustrated telling myself I would deal with the next day. I woke up and turned the tv on and was surprised to see it come and stay on. I thought everything was fine and maybe a fluke. Then after tv was on for about 20 minutes, the same thing happened. I proceeded to pull tv out from wall and remove cover that holds down the little switch that shows the cover is properly in place. I then pulled out the plastic cube shaped cover behind the first cover which allowed me access to the lamp and lamp ballast. The lamp and surrounding area was extremely hot. I understand the bulbs get to a decent temperature but, after only 20 minutes of it being on, it should have not reached the level of heat it did. After looking around I saw the fan to the left of the lamp. I actually started to laugh to myself a little bit when I came across the fan that was in my tv. This fan is barely 2 inches in diameter. The lamp is probably a good 4 inches in diameter. The fan is placed 4-5 inches to the left of the lamp. It’s amazing how the engineers expected this fan to properly cool the lamp by itself. Not only the lamp, but the capacitors and everything else crammed inside the back of this tv. Anyways, my thoughts is yes probably time for a new lamp even though my lamp looks and seems fine. Also, my picture is still nice and bright as it has always been. I personally think it is some sort of overheating issue. I still cannot figure out what the loud buzz vibrating type sound is as tv powers off.

    Again I apologize for responding to a post from back in Sept. of 2009, but if you could please let me know if you ever got your tvs issue resolved. If so, what do I need to do to fix it. Appreciate your time and reading this. My name is Mark. I’m not a robot or whatever. It’s Memorial Day weekend. Either Trump or Hillary will be our next president. Lol. Please respond. I’m a real person and would love to watch my tv again and my son keeps bugging me about being able to watch the good dinosaur. You can respond through this forum. But it would be much easier for me if you could email or call or text me. Thank you and have a great day.

    Mark Hill
    8434751331 – call or text anytime – email

    1. Shelagh McNally

      Hi Mark,
      I’ve sent your problem directly to our expert so he can help you directly. So sorry you are having trouble. My forum expert will be able to help you out.
      Thanks for your patience.

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