Samsung SP-50l7hx Blackout Problem (not bulb)

i have the strangest problem and its driving me loopy :(. i have an xbox 360/ps3/skyplus connected to my tv.i get a black screen when i play games only! turn the tv off then on and its ok again,but it can be ok for mins or hours,very random.but it never blacks out on the sky tv,or watching dvds on my ps3.i ve tried different connection types and its not that,so literally just struggling on games! help(also lamp was changed 6mths ago & picture quality excellent)


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  1. tony edney

    have the same problem however i do know what is causing it but dont be fooled there is no cheap cure do not start buying bits for it. the problem is overheating caused by your xbox graphics speed as it is delevered via xbox it will not show the overheat sign on your front panel. i have managed to stop mine from tripping the overheat sensor however this was done by removing the back cover and putting a huge fan behind the tv and tapping down the micro switch.i only tried this as i am convinced it is not the fault of the tv basically the tv is outdated and can not cope with modern gaming software speeds. a shame as i love the style of the tv and picture quality ho hum.


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