Toshiba – fix or replace – some water got in to the tv

My Toshiba 56HM195 got condensation into the unit.   Just enough apparantly to do damage.  When I finished the basement, I had the DLP TV built into a wall.  The back of the device is essentially under the front porch (as the unfinished piece of the basement).  The power will not turn on.  It is in the shop.  They are going to try and replace a few things, but at what point should I chalk it up as dead?  I’m into $90 so far.  It the new parts don’t work, I’m into restocking fees.  The catch is that my whole sytem was integrated by a stereo company.  My guess is that if I swap devices, I’ll be paying labor charges to have them come out and reconfigure.  All components runs through a universal remote.  I realized the temperature change would not be a great thing, but I suppose that I underestimated.   Any advice is appreciated.

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