Solve the Mitsubishi white dot problem for under $230

DMD DLP chip technologyWhite dots, white snow or sparkling stars on your Mitsubishi DLP TV mean only one thing – a worn out DMD chip. The white dot syndrome seems to happen when the DLP TVs have been in use anywhere from two to five years – usually when the warranty has expired

Mitsubishi DLP TVs have been plagued with the problems for several years now. Various forums talk about customers being given quotes of $600 and upwards for solving the white spot syndrome or replacing the DMD DLP chip. Fortunately, there are companies offering the offering the DLP chip for under $230.

Causes of DLP white dot syndrome

At the heart of every DLP TV, no matter what the brand is the DMD chip invented in 1987 by Dr. Larry Hornbeck of Texas Instruments. This optical semiconductor contains an array of up to 2 million hinge-mounted microscopic mirrors, so small they measure one-fifth the width of a human hair.

DMD DLP chip 4719-001997 projector TVThe DMD chip receives the digital or graphic signal reflecting it onto the TV screen to produce the stunning images that have made these TVs a frontrunner for the consumer.  The mirrors themselves are made out of aluminum and mounted on a yoke with an axle that literally twists in the middle. The DMD micro mirrors switch on and off, either tilt towards the light or away from it.

This action creates the light or dark pixels on the screen and allows for a staggering 1,204 shades of gray.  At the same time, the DLP lamp generates white light that passes through a red, green, and blue color filter to the surface of the DMD chip creating millions of colors.

DLP white dot syndrome happens when one of these micro mirrors gets stuck and can no longer reflect the signal. The result is a white or black dot on the screen. As more and more mirrors become stuck, more white dots appear on screen creating an image that can’t be viewed.

The affordable solution

In order to address the issue, Texas Instrument has created a replacement DMD DLP chip that is affordable and readily available from recognized distributors. While part numbers may vary, the chip remains the same. The following part numbers are interchangeable:

Samsung DMD Chip 4719-001997 
Samsung DMD Chip 4719-001985
Samsung DMD Chip 4719-001999
Samsung DMD Chip W1272-5003
Mitsubishi DMD Chip 276P595010
Board Number DMD Panel IC# 1910-6143W
Board Number DMD Panel IC# 1910-6145W
Board Number DMD Panel IC# 1910-6103W

Be sure to let your service repair center know there is a cheaper DMD DLP chip on the market.







  1. jerome

    I recently had problems with Mitsubishi DLP, White dots.I called Mitsubishi and they ask for the model number and the serial number.Once I gave them this information they informed that they would replaced the chip for free all I had to do was to pay for the service company of my chooise to put it in. At first I was reluctant then I gave and had a repatal service come out and service my tv that way I would have a guaranty. The service company vacuumed the inside.Now I have a new tv and all for 217 dollars charged me 217 dollars.The service went over every thing even

      1. Shelagh McNally

        Hi Lisa,
        Even if the warranty has expired Mitsubishi should honour this repair since it’s a defect in the TV and not affected by the warranty.

  2. Ric Canton

    I have the same problem with my 57in dlp 1 dot then 2 now 3..Does anyone know where to get it fixed in the San jose ca area

    1. Shelagh McNally

      Hi Rick,
      Contact at They as in the San Diego area. Also consider joining our forum where we have a community of DLP experts who can help you solve your problem. To me it sounds like you are experiencing a worn DMD chip. You can order that chip from Discount-Merchant and the forum experts can guide you through installation. Hope this helps!

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