When to replace the ASK Proxima SP-LAMP-006

ASK C50 About Menu, ASK Proxima SP-LAMP-007

Your ASK Proxima SP-LAMP-006 has a lamp life of 2,000 hours.  When it’s time to replace the ASK Proxima SP-LAMP-006 lamp, the LED button on your projector’s panel will blink red. To check lamp life for theASK Proxima SP-LAMP-006 go to the ABOUT menu found on the MAIN projector menu. Don’t be caught short! Have your replacement ASK Proxima SP-LAMP-006 bought and ready for use before the current lamp reaches its end of life.


Go with genuine

ASK Proxima SP-LAMP-006
ASK Proxima SP-LAMP-006

It’s important to install a genuine ASK Proxima SP-LAMP-006rather than a generic “compatible” lamp.

Although lower in price, copycat lamps end up costing much more in the long run. Counterfeit generic lamp offer poor illumination and have a shorter lamp life. Made with inferior parts and poor workmanship, knock-off lamps often bypass safety features including the properly fitted parts. As a result these lamps are  prone to explosionand can also damage the sensitive electronics inside your projector.

Copycat manufacturers are also not following safety protocols and install parts offering no protection to your eyesight from UV rays. In order to create the same results as genuine lamps, these generic manufacturers are also using highly toxic chemicals such as the carcinogenic Krypton-85. Exposure can compromise your helath.

Why risk your health, void your warranty and possible ruin your projector to save a few dollars? Save yourself the hassle.  OEM lamp resellers offer technical support as well as a guarantee Learn more about spotting dangerous projector lamps by reading our article: 7 tips for spotting counterfeits.

Compatible Projectors

The ASK Proxima SP-LAMP-006 is compatible with the following projectors:

ASK C200

ASK Proxima DP-6500X

For step-by-step instructions on replacing your ASK Proxima SP-LAMP-006 projector lamp, click on your projector listed below:


ASK C200 projector, ASK Proxima SP-LAMP-006

Click here for step-by-step instructions on how to change the ASK Proxima SP-LAMP-006 projector lamp for the ASK C200 projector.




ASK Proxima DP-6500X, ASK Proxima SP-LAMP-006
ASK Proxima DP-6500X projector



Click here for step-by-step instructions on how to change the ASK Proxima SP-LAMP-006 projector lamp for the ASK Proxima DP-6500X projector.



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