Mitsubishi white death can be solved for under $230

Solving_the_white_dot_syndromeYou’ve settled down to watch TV when you notice white star-like clusters on the screen. It’s not dust and it’s not a problem with the brightness. It’s the white dot syndrome caused by a worn out DMD chip.

Mitsubishi DLP TVs have been plagued with the problems for several years now. Various forums talk about customers being given quotes of $600 and upwards for solving the white spot syndrome or replacing the DMD DLP chip.


Fortunately, there are companies offering the offering the DLP chip for under $230.


Causes of white death

No matter what the brand, at the heart of any DLP TV the DMD chip invented in 1987 by Dr. Larry Hornbeck of Texas Instruments. This optical semiconductor contains an array of up to 2 million hinge-mounted microscopic mirrors, so small they measure one-fifth the width of a human hair.


4719-001997 DLP Chip solution for white dots on Mitsubishi WD-65638White death: why??

As the chip receives the signal, small mirrors rotate, either tilting away or towards light to produce those stunning images that have made RPTV a favorite for viewing. Since they are mounted on a yoke with an axle that twists in the middle, these micro mirrors get stuck so they can no longer reflect the signal. The result is a white or black dot on the screen. As more and more mirrors become stuck, more white dots appear on screen creating an un-viewable image.



Samsung HL61A750A1 with new new 4719-001997 DLP ChipThe affordable solution

In order to address the issue, Texas Instrument has created a replacement DMD DLP chip that is affordable and readily available from recognized distributors. While part numbers may vary, the chip remains the same.





The following part numbers are interchangeable:

Mitsubishi DMD Chip 276P595010
Board Number DMD Panel IC# 1910-6143W
Board Number DMD Panel IC# 1910-6145W
Board Number DMD Panel IC# 1910-6103W

Samsung DMD Chip 4719-001997
Samsung DMD Chip 4719-001985
Samsung DMD Chip 4719-001999
Samsung DMD Chip W1272-5003


Avoid an expensive repair bill and let your service center know about the DMD DLP chip for under $230.


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  1. shan

    So today I called Mitsubishi about the white dots problem AND the timer issue with my TV. Same script you pay for labor they pay for part $200. Then the free bulb. After refusing that they offered to cover everything. I have to sign the documents and send them back and they will send the technician. Thanks everyone.

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