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FixYourDLP is a blog about DLP projectors, RPTVs and flat screen TVs (including LED and plasma). It’s run by TV and projector experts as well as home theater enthusiasts.

We started this site back in 2005 to to help consumers make the right choices and educate people about DLP technology. Projection TV technologies was new and no one really knew what they were getting  into. Like the industry itself, our website grew fast.

We’ve helped countless people fix their own televisions as well as their projectors without spending a ton of money and we’re still doing it today. You can read helpful how-to blogs for replacing both projector lamps or RPTV lamps, watch our DIY videos, learn how to set up your home theater or how to buy a gaming projectors and more. Download a manual or join our forum to get expert help with your problems and contribute to a growing community of do-it-yourself individuals! Visit our contribute page to leave us your comments.

We’re officially sponsored by Discount-Merchant.com, one of the industry leaders in original television parts and authentic projector and TV lamps. They’re an authorized Philips dealer, so you know you’ll get the best prices, customer service, and genuine products. There are over 100,000 satisfied customers that have purchased from Discount-Merchant.com, including us!

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  1. Shelagh McNally

    Hi Woody,
    We haven’t done a blog for Samsung yet. They never had problems before. But check out this post from AVS Forum. It shows you how to replace the DMD chip which is the cause of those white dots. Good luck and let us know how things go. The DMD chip is the same for all these types of TVS so check out Discount-Merchant.com to find at a reasonable price.

    1. def

      Careful here…there are different dLp chips required for different Sam, Mits and Tosh models. Resolution is the determining factor. Have your model number ready when speaking to the parts people.

  2. def

    Yes. I just repaired my Sam 1080 RPDLP with the same Milky Way syndrome. It requires a new dLp chip. Check Youtube…there are several vids showing the repair in detail. It is simple and straightforward. I believe your model is 720P. The new chip is less than $100.00. I purchased my part from shopjimmy.com.

    1. Shelagh McNally

      Hi Def,
      Discount-merchant.com also sells the chip at a reasonable price. Glad to hear you got your white death syndrome fixed!

  3. Shelagh McNally

    Hi Def,
    We were waiting for you to reply to the email we sent you. But this is good enough as verification that you’re not a spammer. I let the forum administrator know and your account has been activated. We look forward to helping you out with your DLP problems.

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