How to Fix Your Broken Projector

So your DLP Projector is a bit dusty, but you’ve decided that you’d like to brush it off and put it to work. Now that it’s all set-up it isn’t working properly. Where do you begin? Should you just buy a new projector? What can you do to fix your […]

How DLP Saved My Presentation

I am in love with my DLP Projector, in a way only a business professional on a deadline can understand. My DLP projector and it’s beautiful DLP lamp saved my presentation and my reputation as well. Let me share with you why I love it so much. My deadline was […]

In Defense of DLP

Whether you are in the market for a high definition television set, a high-end projector for your business, or if you are simply trying to figure out whether you should repair or replace your current DLP device, you should know that DLP technology is still the superior technology for high […]