Protect your eyesight when using DLP projectors

DLP projectors offer amazing visuals with crisp colours and clear images.  However, there are some associated health risks particularly with your eyesight. Health and safety experts recommend no more then 1/10 of a seconds direct exposure to the high intensity lamps used with projectors. Looking directly into the lamp for […]

Why Philips remains the leader in DLP lamps

Keep your projector working at its best by investing in a Philips OEM projector lamp. Who makes DLP lamps? There are only handful of genuine lamp manufacturers in the market such as Philips, Ushio, Pheonix, Osram, Matsushita, with Philips being the leader in the industry. There is the common misconception […]

Make sure it’s an original DLP projector lamp

Have doubts about your newly purchased projector lamp? Find out if the lamp is genuine or not. “Not all companies work with Philips and it’s become a widespread problem in the global market,” said Gerrit de Beer, Philips Lighting. Find out more about the Philips initiative for genuine lamps by […]

Your eyesight at risk with counterfeit projector lamps!

No one wants to risk their eyesight to save a buck. You may be doing that by installing a counterfeit generic lamp into your 1080p projector. Original equipment manufactured (OEM) projector lamps are a patented technology by PHILIPS. These projector lamps are created with non-toxic materials and installed with proper […]

7 Tips for spotting counterfeit projector lamps

 Spot the seven signs of counterfeits With the popularity of the DLP Projectors and Rear Projector TVs, there’s been an explosion of websites selling replacement lamps. “We have seen a dramatic rise with counterfeit lamps. Unfortunately they are extremely hard to spot,” said Dave Bethell of Genuine How do […]

Educate to protect yourself against counterfeits

Educate yourself against counterfeits It’s time to change your projector or rear projector TV lamp. You decide to buy online and your stress level skyrockets when you see the number of suppliers online. How do you spot the counterfeit from the genuine products? Learning about lamp modules is your first […]