Consumer Alert: The dangers of counterfeit projector lamps

Would you compromise your health and risk your eyesight for the sake of a few dollars? Using counterfeit, knock-off projector or rear-projector TV (RPTV) lamps puts you at risk for potential damage to your eyesight as well as exposure to Krypton-85, a radioactive gas that is linked to cancer. Toxic […]

7 Tips for spotting counterfeit projector lamps

 Spot the seven signs of counterfeits With the popularity of the DLP Projectors and Rear Projector TVs, there’s been an explosion of websites selling replacement lamps. “We have seen a dramatic rise with counterfeit lamps. Unfortunately they are extremely hard to spot,” said Dave Bethell of Genuine How do […]

Educate to protect yourself against counterfeits

Educate yourself against counterfeits It’s time to change your projector or rear projector TV lamp. You decide to buy online and your stress level skyrockets when you see the number of suppliers online. How do you spot the counterfeit from the genuine products? Learning about lamp modules is your first […]