The solution to white dots on the Mitsubishi WD-73738 is a new 4719-001997 DLP Chip!

Solve the white death syndrome on your Mitsubishi WD-73738 screen with our step-by-step-guide! Usually this problems starts off with a few star-shaped dots that gets progressively worse until the screen is unwatchable. Known as the white death syndrome, this problem is easily solved for just under $230 by installing a new […]


We are continuing our week long manual marathon with this being the fourth day. This time it’s the Mitsubishis Owner’s manual for your projection TV’s You can download or view them here: Mitsubishi WD-62530, WD-52531, WD-62531 Click here. Mitsubishi WD-52631, WD-57731, WD-65731 Click here. Mitsubishi WD-57831, WD-65831, WD-73831 Click here. […]

Falsificacion de lampara UHP PHILIPS

  Falsificación de lámpara UHP PHILIPS Cuidado!!! Hay en el mercado Lámparas falsas (Clonadas) de reemplazo, que utilizan la marca PHILIPS. Hace unas semanas escribí un artículo en ingles sobre lámparas, copiadas e ilegales. El cual brevemente se hablo sobre las “copiadas”. Aquí se encuentra: Una serie de lámparas […]