Samsung… Good Quality

After reading many posts about the trouble people are having with their Samsung DLP televisions, I wanted to write something positive about the brand.  I’ve had my 46″ Samsung since 2004…just checked the hours on the projection lamp (9099).  I have to say that the set has given us excellent […]


Where do I go to find a ballast. My RCA Scenium has already had a lamp replaced and now I probably need a ballast. Last time I buy an RCA product, I’ll tell everyone I know not to buy one either. TV is but a couple years old. I have […]

loud humming when oh HD

a year ago i had cable installed in my home. when the cable box was turne’d on a loud “snap crackle and pop” occurred and the box fried. every since my 50″rca DLP has a distinctive hum when it is on HD. currently i have both HD and coax hooked […]