Samsung DLP Problems

— Having problems with YOUR Samsung DLP or other DLP Television? Visit our new forum at: The importance of authentic It’s important that you install an OEM lamp and avoid a generic, compatible lamp. We recommend purchasing from an Authorized Philips dealer such as to insure that you […]

Infocus Color Wheel

I realize that there is no category for this question, but does anyone know where a Color wheel for the Infocus X1 projector can be purchased.  Infocus doesn’t sell them and I also don’t have confidence in them since I have already had them replace it under warranty.  It lasted […]

RCA – HD50LPW175 – new noise

Please help. I have an RCA 50″ Scenium that has been wonderful for the last 20 months. Beautiful picture and never any problems. After returning from a weekend away it began making a “buzzing” type noise (when on of course). I’ve looked all over the internet and called RCA to […]