RCA DLP Problem

I have a 52 inch RCA projection TV.  When I try to turn it on the green power light blinks three times and then in goes off.  After that the TV will not come on.  the tv is 1/2 years old and we haven’t had any problems until then.


Where do I go to find a ballast. My RCA Scenium has already had a lamp replaced and now I probably need a ballast. Last time I buy an RCA product, I’ll tell everyone I know not to buy one either. TV is but a couple years old. I have […]

loud humming when oh HD

a year ago i had cable installed in my home. when the cable box was turne’d on a loud “snap crackle and pop” occurred and the box fried. every since my 50″rca DLP has a distinctive hum when it is on HD. currently i have both HD and coax hooked […]


Welcome back every one, today is our third day of User Manual sets for your Projection TV’s. This time we are providing you with the RCA manuals, enjoy… You can download or view them here: RCA HD44LPW165, HD50LPW162 Click here. RCA HD50LPW42, HD50LPW52, HD50LPW62 Click here. RCA HD52W55, HD52W58, HD52W59 Click […]

Falsificacion de lampara UHP PHILIPS

  Falsificación de lámpara UHP PHILIPS Cuidado!!! Hay en el mercado Lámparas falsas (Clonadas) de reemplazo, que utilizan la marca PHILIPS. Hace unas semanas escribí un artículo en ingles sobre lámparas, copiadas e ilegales. El cual brevemente se hablo sobre las “copiadas”. Aquí se encuentra: http://fixyourdlp.com/blog/2008/11/21/beware-of-third-party-generic-dlp-tv-lamps-counterfeit/ Una serie de lámparas […]