Lamparas Para Proyector

Lamparas de Proyeccion   Algunos Proveedores de lamparas y/o bulbos para proyector , le pueden vender la lampara para el reemplazo de su lampara dañada o el portalamparas completo Si Ud. Tiene un cierto grado tecnico o habilidad manual y es muy cuidadoso entonces reemplazar su lampara es una buena […]

Infocus Color Wheel

I realize that there is no category for this question, but does anyone know where a Color wheel for the Infocus X1 projector can be purchased.  Infocus doesn’t sell them and I also don’t have confidence in them since I have already had them replace it under warranty.  It lasted […]

RCA – HD50LPW175 – new noise

Please help. I have an RCA 50″ Scenium that has been wonderful for the last 20 months. Beautiful picture and never any problems. After returning from a weekend away it began making a “buzzing” type noise (when on of course). I’ve looked all over the internet and called RCA to […]


I’m sorry I do not have the whole model number. We took the TV in for repairs as there was a buzzing noise. The thing that was buzzing was directly above the projection bulb and alittle towards the front. This sound was consistant with the sound my computer has when […]

Lamp Adapter

THIS POST HAS BEEN UPDATED! The lamp adapter is no longer in production due to the new, upgraded Philips lamp burners and lamp designs, rendering the older lamps and lamp adapter unnecessary. The photos have been removed as to not avoid confusion when purchasing products. After three weeks of intense […]