SamsungDLP Hl-R4667W

I replaced color wheel in Dec08,now bulb went out(Bp96-00823A) replaced with BP96-00826A. Then I replaced ballast and TV works for 2 minutes and shuts off. I want to sue Samsung. There should be a class action law suit. My first dlp lasted about 3 months and engine went out ABT […]

Samsung HL-R4667w help

I have a Samsung rear DLP hl-r4667w. Recently while watching the “tube”  the bulb popped, or something of that nature. I have replaced the bulb, with a brand new phillips.   The new bulb worked for a day. And now the tv will not stay powered on, for more the 10 seconds. I […]

Trouble with HLS 4266W

We have a 42″ Samsung HLS4266W approximately 2 – 2 1/2 years olf. For the past few weeks we would have trouble with the tv just shutting off after a few minutes. It would come back on and continue shutting down every few minutes and stay on the rest of the […]