I have a Samsung DLP TV about 3yrs old HLR-5667W. It was making a high pitch sound so I went and replaced the color wheel which I found had been shattered. After replacing the color wheel and putting everything back again. When I try to turn the TV ON, I […]


hi guys .last night my tv gave a loud bang and then the picture went off but i still had sound………….today i have taken the light out of the back and found that the filiment inside has shattered………can anyone tell me if this will be the only damage that has […]

Lamparas Para Proyector

Lamparas de Proyeccion   Algunos Proveedores de lamparas y/o bulbos para proyector , le pueden vender la lampara para el reemplazo de su lampara dañada o el portalamparas completo Si Ud. Tiene un cierto grado tecnico o habilidad manual y es muy cuidadoso entonces reemplazar su lampara es una buena […]

Samsung cant get started

I have a Samsung HLR5667W which I replaced the lamp about 1.5 years ago.  Just recently I got the lamp out lights and no picture.  So I got another lamp, althought the lamp I took out did not look bad.  The new lamp did not fix the problem.  When I […]

Samsung TV SP43L2HX1X/XSG Lamp needed

Hi, I have a Samsung TV with model code: SP43L2HX1X/XSG and serial No. 31DX100012P the lamp code as shown on a sticker is BP96-00449A(P) but I found another number on the enclosure denotes TYPE: V13H010R01 RATED: 100W, please help me finding a replacement lamp. Best regards. Al-Ghafri OMAN

Replacing Lamp Fan

I need step-by-step instructions on how to access the lamp fan in my 27-month-old Samsung HLR5067W.  After speaking with Samsung, the loud humming noise I hear when turning on the television is caused by an inoperable fan.  I replaced the lamp two months ago. I ordered both the lamp fan […]