Samsung HLP5063 Check Fan Message

To anybody who can help. I recently replaced the lamp on my TV . After also getting the grinding sound I have read so much about I tried to replace the color wheel but the new one was defective. When  I replaced the lamp the picture still worked just kept […]

Samsung BP96-01073A, BP96-01073A(P120W), BP9601073A Replacement DLP TV Lamp Enclosure

For the best price & service on an original BP96-01073A Samsung replacement lamp, click here The Samsung BP96-01073A Enclosure goes by a few different names: BP96-01073A(P120W), BP96-01073A(P), BP9601073A. Here are a few pictures of the enclosure assembly (complete plastic housing and bulb inside): From this viewpoint you can see the […]

Samsung HLS6186W

To purchase a replacement lamp for this TV, click here Samsung introduces you with its new television product HLS61686W, a widescreen DLP television which brings you an ultimate HDTV occurrence in truly 1280 x 720p resolution. You will definitely enjoy it like live experience. Besides that it has razor sharp […]