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  1. frank gutierrez

    i have a lg 52sz51d that i just replaced the bulb and the tv now will not come on there is a red light on and a green light bulb that keeps blinking is there a reset button somewhere

  2. model KDS R60XBR1. Sony LCD rear projection with an intermittent strobing/flickering image. It’s becoming more noticeable and difficult to watch. I, just, changed the lamp and the main/lamp fan in the rear recently because the both stopped working one after the other. Is the strobing an issue worth fixing?



  3. Annalese

    I am trying to replace a bare bulb in a knoll systems projector. Do you have any instructions?

    1. Shelagh McNally

      Hi Annalese,
      What model do you have? We currently don’t have lamp replacement instructions for this particular line of projectors. What is your model number and I can look up something for. You can also access user manuals at
      Good luck,

    2. Shelagh McNally

      Hi Annalese,
      I posted an instruction blog today for the Knoll HT201:
      While you can replace only the bulb, most manufacturers recommend you change the housing as well. After about 1 life cycle the lamp cage can be brittle or warped, causing lamps to focus the light in the wrong position and creating problems for your projector. Newer lamp units are also easier to install since the lamp is seated properly and you don’t have to worry about compatibility, especially if you buy either original or Philips. Hope this helps.

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