Samsung HL-T5055W Turn on then Off

hey guys! I got a problem. My moms has a Samsung HL-T5055w DLP Television. It s a really nice television. Well the problem is that when it turns on, it quickly turns off, but the sound remains on. I am thinking its the lamp. Any ideas how much the lamps […]

Toshiba Service Manual for DLP Television

This week we are providing the Toshiba Service manual for the DLP’s TV. This manual is normally used for technicians to repair the TV’s specified below. Models: 50HM67, 57HM67, 65HM67, 57HM117/167, and 65HM117/167. You can downloaded or view it here. Stayed tuned for more manuals.

Samsung HLR5067W DLP

Need some advice/guidance. Have the DLP TV noted in the subject line (3 yrs old now). Color is excellent- same as when it was first bought, and there are no warning lights lit on the front of the TV. Getting  a constant low humming sound…and think it’s coming from the […]

Toshiba Owners Manual for your DLP TV’s.

We all know that there are many things we take for granted, we ignore and probably throw them away until a situation presents itself when we need them and it’s too late. For many of us this applies to the Owner’s Manual of our Toshiba DLP TV. But no to […]

Samsung HLP5063

My picture is out I heard a “slight” grinding i think its the color wheel. Originally the picture went to a pink tone and then flickered and went out completely. shutdown and it did the same thing minus the pink tone. light fires up when i turn on the TV […]