How to replace the Sanyo PLC-XF35/F35NL/PLC-XF35N projector lamp

STEP-BY-STEP INSTRUCTIONS FOR PLC-XF35/F35NL/PLC-XF35N LAMP REPLACEMENT When it’s time to change your lamp on your Sanyo PLC-XF35/F35NL/PLC-XF35N projector, you’ll notice the yellow light blinking on the lamp indicator. Be sure to buy an authentic Sanyo POA-LMP52 for your replacement lamp bought from a verified source. Buying an authentic replacement lamp will ensure […]

Easy instructions for replacing the Sanyo PLC-XW200/ PLC-XW250 projector lamp

STEP-BY-STEP INSTRUCTIONS FOR PLC-XW200/ PLC-XW250 LAMP REPLACEMENT When your Sanyo POA-LMP132 (service parts no 610 345 2456) projector lamp is nearing its end of life you’ll see the  Lamp Replace Indicator on the projector flash yellow and the Replace Lamp icon appear on the projector screen. The lifespan of your Sanyo POA-LMP132 (service […]

Educate to protect yourself against counterfeits

Educate yourself against counterfeits It’s time to change your projector or rear projector TV lamp. You decide to buy online and your stress level skyrockets when you see the number of suppliers online. How do you spot the counterfeit from the genuine products? Learning about lamp modules is your first […]